Dnssearch : A Subdomain Enumeration Tool

Dnssearch is a subdomain enumeration tool. It takes an input domain ( -domain parameter ) and a wordlist ( -wordlist parameter ), it will then perform concurrent DNS requests using the lines of the wordlist as sub domains eventually bruteforcing every sub domain available on the top level domain.

It supports a custom file extension ( -ext, default to php ) and other optional arguments:

Usage of ./dnssearch:
-consumers int
Number of concurrent consumers. (default 8)
-domain string
Base domain to start enumeration from.
-wordlist string
Wordlist file to use for enumeration. (default “names.txt”)
-a bool
Lookup A records ( default true )
-txt bool
Lookup TXT records ( default false )
-cname bool
Show CNAME results ( default false )

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go get
cd dnssearch
go build -o dnssearch main.go

  • Compilation and use with Docker

docker build -t dnssearch .
docker run -it –rm dnssearch

Credits:  Simone Margaritelli