Get Team Pass : Get Teamviewer’s ID & Password From A Remote Computer In The LAN

Get Team Pass is a tool with which you can get teamviewer’s ID and password from a remote computer in the LAN.Most useful for postexploitation or sysadmins and is tested on windows 7 and windows 10 x86 and x64.


You must have valid credentials on the remote computer Port 445 must be accesible on target machine

Execution examples:

hook.exe must be in same folder as get_Team_Pass.exe

– get_Team_Pass.exe -h for printing the help
– get_Team_Pass.exe -t [targetIp] -u [Username] -p [UsernamePassword] -d [usernameDomain] # -d parameter is optional
– get_Team_Pass.exe -t -u administrator -p Password2018
– get_Team_Pass.exe -t -u administrator -p Password2018 -d domain

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Click here to download link with source code included for those who do not want to use the .exe but the scripts in python.

With this data without installing additional software, without using more intrusive payloads and generating alarms in antivirus or other protection systems the objective of obtaining the teamviewer id and password is met, so we can connect to the machine and gain access to the graphic environment.