DOGE : Darknet Osint Graph Explorer

DOGE is a darknet Osint Graph Explorer, which is still in the development stage and you should use this in addtion to Darknet OSINT Transform.

Query prototype: SELECT DISTINCT custom_column_name AS input, another_custom_name AS output FROM some_table, obviously you can add other options as WHERE, ORDER BY, etc.

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  • Database file: the filename of the database (sqlite3), ex: db.sqlite3
  • Graph file: useless (now as now)
  • Icon From: the type of the “from” entity (email -> domain, email is “from”, domain is “to”), so the same as Icon To
  • Center to node: put node id here, then click on Center Graph to center the graph to that specific node id
  • Query: write here the query that you’ll use to retrieve data from the database, follow the prototype above
  • Load Data: add data but don’t draw, you could use this to import stuff from various databases and when everyting is imported, draw
  • Draw Graph: draws nodes with edges
  • Import Graph: useless (now as now)
  • Export Graph: useless (now as now)
  • Prerender: does not display the graph until the “pre-rendering” process is done, this should be used when you have to graph 100s of nodes, feel free to change parameters:
    • 1st argument, precomputeGraph(), in pages/graph_1.html;
    • in the same file, lines 246 and 247.

Custom icons

Every icon comes from Font Awesome, I just changed colors.