Effective Linux Tools for Students

The impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on education is not slight. It has helped enhance learning and overcome learning barriers. ICT has made enough platforms available to improve learning processes. One of such platforms is which helps students in getting the right solutions to homework.

In the same regard, Linux’s operating system has focused on enhancing learning. As such, they have provided a series of tools that can help students with learning processes. The tools are capable of providing exciting, engaging, and creative classrooms. Some of the tools are software that serves as the bedrock for e-learning.

In this fast-growing world where artificial intelligence is taking over, the education system must adopt e-learning for an effective learning process. Therefore, both educators and students must familiarize themselves with the needed tools. The following are effective Linux tools for students;

  • Moodle

Moodle is also known as the Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. This Linux software helps to create internet-based websites and courses. It involves a lot of sub-tools that make learning and teaching easier. Moodle includes arrays of functionalities and features that make learning easy.

  • Rogo

Rogo is an online platform for creating exam questions, marking guides, results, and reviews.This e-assessment platform enhances easy and practical assessment. The advantage of Rogo is that it gives students access to numerous tools that can aid in high scoring. Such tools are summative exams, formative quizzes, surveys, reviews, progress text, and student peer review.

  • ATutor

ATutor is an instructional content that allows students to learn in an accessible and effective learning environment. It includes a series of tools and features that make learning and teaching easier. Students can carry out tests, carry out group tasks, and gain private courses using ATutor. It also has a poll opinion that allows students to give suggestions to the facilitators.

  • Epoptes

Epoptes is a virtual and open-source computer lab monitoring tool that features internalization support, utilizes reversed connection, and consumes low resources. It works through screen broadcasting, message sending, and remote command execution. Students can take advantage of Epoptes for proper computer laboratory learning.

  • Claroline

Claroline is a platform constructed using the combination of PHP programming language and MySQL database tools. It offers features like group management, document repository, student group, automatic assignment, personalized feedback, and time planning.  The features and interface are easy to navigate and use.


Learning has become more convenient through the usage of ICT tools.  Linux offers numerous platforms that can enhance an effective learning environment.