GATOR – GCP Attack Toolkit for Offensive Research, a tool designed to aid in research and exploiting Google Cloud Environments.

It offers a comprehensive range of modules tailored to support users in various attack stages, spanning from Reconnaissance to Impact.


Resource CategoryPrimary ModuleCommand GroupOperationDescription
User AuthenticationauthactivateActivate a Specific Authentication Method
addAdd a New Authentication Method
deleteRemove a Specific Authentication Method
listList All Available Authentication Methods
Cloud FunctionsfunctionslistList All Deployed Cloud Functions
permissionsDisplay Permissions for a Specific Cloud Function
triggersList All Triggers for a Specific Cloud Function
Cloud StoragestoragebucketslistList All Storage Buckets
permissionsDisplay Permissions for Storage Buckets
Compute Enginecomputeinstancesadd-ssh-keyAdd SSH Key to Compute Instances


Python 3.11 or newer should be installed. You can verify your Python version with the following command:

python --version

Manual Installation via

git clone
python install

Automated Installation via pip

pip install gator-red


Have a look at the GATOR Documentation for an explained guide on using GATOR and it’s module!


Reporting An Issue

If you encounter any problems with this tool, I encourage you to let me know. Here are the steps to report an issue:

  1. Check Existing Issues: Before reporting a new issue, please check the existing issues in this repository. Your issue might have already been reported and possibly even resolved.
  2. Create a New Issue: If your problem hasn’t been reported, please create a new issue in the GitHub repository. Click the Issues tab and then click New Issue.
  3. Describe the Issue: When creating a new issue, please provide as much information as possible. Include a clear and descriptive title, explain the problem in detail, and provide steps to reproduce the issue if possible. Including the version of the tool you’re using and your operating system can also be helpful.
  4. Submit the Issue: After you’ve filled out all the necessary information, click Submit new issue.

Your feedback is important, and will help improve the tool. I appreciate your contribution!

Resolving An Issue

I’ll be reviewing reported issues on a regular basis and try to reproduce the issue based on your description and will communicate with you for further information if necessary. Once I understand the issue, I’ll work on a fix.

Please note that resolving an issue may take some time depending on its complexity. I appreciate your patience and understanding.