Electronegativity : A Tool to Identify Misconfigurations & Security Anti-Patterns in Electron Applications

Electronegativity is a tool to identify misconfigurations and security anti-patterns in Electron-based applications.

Software developers and security auditors can use this tool to detect and mitigate potential weaknesses and implementation bugs when developing applications using Electron.

A good understanding of Electron (in)security is still required when using it, as some of the potential issues detected by the tool require manual investigation.

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Major releases are pushed to NPM and can be simply installed using:

$ npm install @doyensec/electronegativity -g


$ electronegativity -h

-Voutput the version number
-i, –inputinput (directory, .js, .html, .asar)
-o, –outputsave the results to a file in csv or sarif format
-c, –checksonly run the specified checks, passed in csv format
-h, –helpoutput usage information

Using it to look for issues in a directory containing an Electron app:

$ electronegativity -i /path/to/electron/app

Using the tool to look for issues in an asar archive and saving the results in a csv file:

$ electronegativity -i /path/to/asar/archive -o result.csv

Note: If you’re running into the Fatal Error “JavaScript heap out of memory”, you can run node using node –max-old-space-size=4096 electronegativity -i /path/to/asar/archive -o result.csv

Credit :  Claudio MerloniIbram MarzoukJaroslav Lobańćevski and many other contributors.