How To Enable The Undercover Mode In Kali Linux?

Last week, Kali Linux 2019.4 launched an Undercover Mode that can be used to make the Kali desktop look like Windows 10 quickly.

As we know, Kali is a Linux distribution designed for ethical hacking and penetration testing and is widely used against an enterprise by investigators and red teams to conduct security checks.

So if you’re working in a public place, hacking away, and maybe you don’t want to see and wonder what you’re doing for everyone with the unique Kali dragon. So, a little script that turns your Kali theme into a Windows default installation.

This mode is not a perfect replica of Windows 10, but to trick a passing user, it does a good enough job.

So let’s look at how Undercover Mode In Kali Linux can be enabled;

  • Open Terminal
  • Type kali-undercover and press Enter.
  • Undercover mode will be allowed and your screen will look like Windows now. Now you can close the window of the Terminal.

Note: You can run kali-undercover again to switch back to your normal desktop when using Undercover mode. You can also run the kali-undercover command directly from the search of the desktop.

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