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Aztarna – A Footprinting Tool For Robots

This repository contains Alias Robotic's aztarna, a footprinting tool for robots. Alias Robotics supports original robot manufacturers assessing...
WDExtract : Extract Windows Defender database

WDExtract : Extract Windows Defender database

WDExtract is the extract Windows Defender database from vdm files and unpack it. This program distributed as-is, without any...

Hcxdumptool – Small Tool To Capture Packets From WLAN Devices

Hcxdumptool is small tool to capture packets from wlan devices. After capturing, upload the "uncleaned" cap here to see if your application or the...

Air-Hammer – A Online Brute-Force Attack Tool

Air-Hammer is an online brute-force attack tool for use against WPA Enterprise networks. Despite the fact that WPA Enterprise is regularly viewed as "more...
Hacking tools

Most Popular Hacking Tools in 2018

Hacking tools used by security professionals to detect vulnerabilities in network and applications. Here you can find the Comprehensive Penetration testing tools...
MIG : Distributed & Real Time Digital Forensics At The Speed Of The Cloud

MIG : Distributed & Real Time Digital Forensics At The Speed...

MIG is Mozilla's platform for investigative surgery of remote endpoints. You can spin up a local-only MIG setup using docker.
Writing Tools

Top 5 Writing Tools Every Linux Enthusiast Should Use

Good writing skills are very important and necessary especially to students and people that do professional writing. The quality of the final...

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