Firefox Monitor notifies users when their credentials have been compromised in a data breach.

This code is for the service & website.

Breach data is powered by

See the Have I Been Pwned about page for the “what” and “why” of data breach alerts.



  • Volta (installs the correct version of Node and npm)
  • Postgres | Note: On a Mac, we recommend downloading the instead.

Code Style

Linting and formatting is enforced via ESLint and Stylelint for JS and CSS. Both are installed as dev-dependencies and can be run with npm run lint. A push to origin will also trigger linting.

ESLint rules are based on eslint-config-standard. To fix all auto-fixable problems, run npx eslint . --fix

Stylelint rules are based on stylelint-config-standard. To fix all auto-fixable problems, run npx stylelint public/css/ --fix


We track commits that are largely style/formatting via .git-blame-ignore-revs. This allows Git Blame to ignore the format commit author and show the original code author. In order to enable this in GitLens, add the following to VS Code settings.json:

"gitlens.advanced.blame.customArguments": [


  1. Create location data: Running the script manually is only needed for local development. The location data is being used in the onboarding exposures scan for autocompleting the “City and state” input.
npm run create-location-data


  1. Clone and change to the directory:
git clone
cd blurts-server

2. Install dependencies:

npm install

3. Copy the .env-dist file to .env:

cp .env-dist .env

4. Install fluent linter (requires Python)

pip install -r .github/requirements.txt


pip3 install -r .github/requirements.txt

5. Generate required Glean files (needs re-ran anytime Glean .yaml files are updated):

npm run build-glean

For more information click here.