Frida-Ios-Hook : A Tool That Helps You Easy Trace Classes, Functions, And Modify The Return Values


Frida-Ios-Hook, a tool that helps you can easy using frida. It support script for trace classes, functions, and modify the return values of methods on iOS platform.

Env OS Support


Compatible with



Running with python3.x

Support both spawn & attach script to process.

[+] Options:
-p(–package) Identifier of application ex:
-n(–name) Name of application ex: AppStore
-s(–script) Using script format script.js
-c(–check-version) Check for the newest version
-u(–upadte) Update to the newest version
[] Dump decrypt IPA: -d, –dump Dump decrypt application.ipa -o OUTPUT_IPA, –output=OUTPUT_IPA Specify name of the decrypted IPA [] Dump memory of Application:
–dump-memory Dump memory of application
[] HexByte Scan IPA: –hexbyte-scan Scan or Patch IPA with byte patterns –pattern=PATTERN Pattern for hexbytescan –address=ADDRESS Address for hexbytescan -t TASK, –task=TASK Task for hexbytescan [] Information:
–list-devices List All Devices
–list-apps List The Installed apps
–list-appinfo List Info of Apps on Itunes
–list-scripts List All Scripts
–logcat Show system log of device
–shell, –ssh Get the shell of connect device
[*] Quick method:
-m(–method) Support commonly used methods


[+] Latest version
[+] Develop version
git clone -b dev


  • cd frida-ios-hook/
  • pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • python3
  • cd frida-ios-hook


If you run the script but it doesn’t work, you can try the following: frida -U -f package -l script.js

Demo Feature

Frida iOS Hook | Basic Usage | Install – List devices – List apps – List scripts – Logcat – Shell
Frida iOS Hook | Basic Usage | Dump Decrypt IPA – Dump Memory App – Hexbyte-Scan IPA
Frida iOS Hook | Basic Usage | App Static – Bypass Jailbreak – Bypass SSL – Intercept URL + Crypto


Updated some frida scripts to help you with the pentest ios app. Filter script using spawn(S) or attach(A)

NSpawn/AttachScript NameScript DescriptionScript Version
2Sbypass-flutter-ssl.jsFlutter bypass ssl pinning1.0
3Sbypass-jailbreak-1.jsBasic bypass jailbreak detection1.0
4Sbypass-ssl-ios13.jsiOS 13 bypass ssl pinning1.0
5Sdump-ios-url-scheme.jsDump iOS url scheme when “openURL” is called1.0
6Sdump-ui.jsDump the current on-screen User Interface structure1.0
7S+Afind-all-classes-methods.jsDump all methods inside all classes1.0
8S+Afind-all-classes.jsDump all classes used by the app1.0
9S+Afind-app-classes-methods.jsDump all methods inside classes owned by the app only1.0
10S+Afind-app-classes.jsDump classes owned by the app only1.0
11S+Afind-specific-method.jsFind a specific method in all classes1.0
12S+Aflutter_trace_function.jsiOS flutter trace function1.0
13S+Ahook-all-methods-of-all-classes-app-only.jsHook all the methods of all the classes owned by the app1.0
14S+Ahook-all-methods-of-specific-class.jsHook all the methods of a particular class1.0
15S+Ahook-specific-method-of-class.jsHook a particular method of a specific class1.0
16S+Aintercept-nslog.jsIntercept calls to Apple’s NSLog logging function1.0
17S+Aios-app-static-analysis.jsiOS app static analysis1.0
18Sios-biometric-bypass.jsiOS Biometric Bypass1.0
19S+Aios-intercept-crypto-2.jsiOS Intercepts Crypto Operations 21.0
20S+Aios-intercept-crypto.jsiOS Intercepts Crypto Operations1.0
21S+Aios-list-apps.jsiOS List Application1.0
22S+Aios-url-scheme-fuzzing.jsiOS URL Scheme Fuzzing1.0
23S+Apasteboard-monitoring.jsMonitor usage of pasteboard. Useful to show lack of secure attribute on sensitive fields allowing data copying.1.0
24S+Araptor_frida_ios_autoIntercept.jsRaptor frida ios auto intercept1.0
25S+Araptor_frida_ios_bypass1.jsRaptor frida ios bypass 11.0
26S+Araptor_frida_ios_bypass2.jsRaptor frida ios bypass 21.0
27S+Araptor_frida_ios_call.jsRaptor frida ios call1.0
28S+Araptor_frida_ios_debug.jsRaptor frida ios debug1.0
29S+Araptor_frida_ios_enum.jsRaptor frida ios enum1.0
30S+Araptor_frida_ios_lowlevel1.jsRaptor frida ios low level 11.0
31S+Araptor_frida_ios_lowlevel2.jsRaptor frida ios low level 21.0
32S+Araptor_frida_ios_stalker.jsRaptor frida ios stalker1.0
33S+Araptor_frida_ios_touchid.jsRaptor frida ios touchid1.0
34S+Araptor_frida_ios_trace.jsRaptor frida ios trace1.0
35S+Aread-nsuserdefaults.jsShow contents of NSUserDefaults1.0
36S+Aread-plist-file.jsShow contents of a Plist file1.0
37Sreplace-exported-method.jsReplace a module’s exported function1.0
38S+Ashow-all-methods-of-specific-class.jsDump all methods of a particular class1.0
39S+Ashow-argument-type-count-and-return-value-type.jsShow argument type & count and type of return value for a function in a class1.0
40S+Ashow-instance-variables-for-specific-class.jsShow all instance variables of a particular class1.0
41S+Ashow-modify-function-arguments.jsShow and modify arguments of a function inside a class1.0
42S+Ashow-modify-method-return-value.jsShow and modify return value of a particular method inside a class1.0
43S+Ashow_binarycookies.jsShow contents of Cookies.binarycookies file1.0


NTask NameTask Description
1openssl_hook.jsonOpenSSL 1.0.2 certificate pinning hook on arm64
2openssl_1_1_0_hook.jsonOpenSSL 1.1.0 certifiate pinning hook for arm64, it modifies cmp instruction in tls_process_server_certificate method
3openssl_hook_v2.jsonOpenSSL 1.0.2 certificate pinning hook on arm64, improved pattern, possibly for different compiler version or slighlty updated OpenSSL, use if first version does not find patch location. These hooks patch call to ssl_verify_cert_chain in ssl3_get_server_certificate.


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