Heappy : A Happy Heap Editor To Support Your Exploitation Process

Heappy is an editor based on gdb/gef that helps you to handle the heap during your exploitation development.
The project should be considered a didactic tool useful to understand the evolution of the heap during the process life cycle. It has been created to simplify the study of the most common heap exploitation techniques and to support you to solve some binary exploitation CTFs related to this fantastic topic.

Main Features

This is what Heappy implements:
   ✅ take heap snapshots and compare them each other
   ✅ recognize immediately type and fields of heap bins
   ✅ search and edit heap values by decimal, hex or string
   ✅ find yourself with the panoramic view of the heap status
   ✅ take notes about a cell in the comment column
   ✅ enjoy the light and dark mode

Getting Started

These instructions will help you to install and run Heappy fastly.


If you don’t have it, install GEF in GDB:

wget -q -O- https://github.com/hugsy/gef/raw/master/scripts/gef.sh | sh

md5(gef.sh): eb053864d050048cb001c80c79fde7b5


Install Node.js and npm:

apt update
sudo apt install nodejs npm

Download and install Heappy:

git clone https://github.com/gand3lf/heappy
cd heappy/
npm install

Load the server inside GDB:

gef➤ source /my/path/heappy/server/heappy.py

It is suggested to run the Heappy GUI after that the target heap has been initialized.
For example:

gef➤ break main
gef➤ run

From another terminal launch the GUI:

cd /my/path/heappy/
npm start