G3nius Tools Sploit is a penetration testing tool with a lot of plugins for advanced cybersecurity attacks. User-friendly, Easy and modular!.

In an age where cybersecurity is paramount, the quest for safeguarding digital systems has never been more critical.

Enter G3nius Tools Sploit, a powerful penetration testing tool armed with an arsenal of plugins designed for advanced cybersecurity assessments.

This user-friendly and modular solution offers both beginners and seasoned professionals an opportunity to delve deep into the world of ethical hacking, revealing vulnerabilities and strengthening defenses.

Join us on this comprehensive journey as we explore how to install, utilize, and even customize G3nius Tools Sploit to bolster your cybersecurity prowess.

How To Download And Run Easily? (Installation Guide For Beginners)

Docker version is a way to run G3nius Tools Sploit easily. But it’s contain some limits. You can’t do hardware attacks on Dockerized version (Like IEEE802.11 DDOS signal attack, LED control of Linux, etc…).

But this version is very helpful and tested. Version of depends libraries controlled and all of published versions are successfully tested. This operation can be taking time for first time and use about 250 Mb of your internet.

Dockerize Version On Linux Command:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install docker.io -y && sudo docker run --network host -v /dev:/dev -v /sys:/sys -v /proc:/proc -it witblack/g3nius-tools-sploit

If you don’t use a Debian based Linux operating system. You should install Docker first, then run:
docker run --network host -v /dev:/dev -v /sys:/sys -v /proc:/proc -it witblack/g3nius-tools-sploit

Dockerize Version On Windows:

On Windows operating systems, You should install Docker on your Windows first. Then pull and run witblack/g3nius-tools-sploit package name.

Docker Compose:

If you know how to work with docker-compose, you can use the following contents as a docke-compose.yaml file:
version: "3" services: g3nius-tools-sploit: image: witblack/g3nius-tools-sploit:latest network_mode: "host"

How To Full Install G3nius Tools Sploit On Your Server/PC? (Advanced Installation)

Once of own targets is being user-friendly and powerful concurrently. So that is really simple. Follow these 3 Steps.

Step 1 – Download And Install Python3:

At first, download and install python3 from Python.org. Although actually Python3 installed as default at Linux operating systems, you can install manually with following command:

apt update && apt install python3 python3-pip

Step 2 – Download G3nius Tools Sploit Zip File

Click on Download text to start download. Then create an empty directory and extract downloaded zip file at same directory.

Download latest stable version hereAlso, you can find other version of releases at here

Step 3 – Install Requirements Dependencies

G3nius Tools Sploit need some depends to run on your system, So you shouild install needed modules on your systems. Run as privilege user:

pip3 install -r requires.txt

Step 4 – Run As Installed Or Portable

Afterward extract files, find ‘launcher.py’ file and run it. Consequently, on Linux/BSD based systems you should run this file like ./launcher.py and on Windows systems you just need to double-click on this file. Enjoy your hacking experience!

Legal warning!

Hacking skill is like a double-edged sword. If not used properly, Hacking skill can be dangerous to others. This program is just for showing weakness of security, Not for damaging human rights. 

Accordingly, users should not harm or threaten people.

How To Install G3nius Tools Sploit?

According to design, installation is optional, but you can do that if your operating system is a Linux or BSD based, except Android. Also, if you are using another OS for example Windows, WebOS, etc.

You should use portable version. Install G3nius Tools Sploit only available for Linux, but may be will publish at new releases.

List Of Supporting Operating System:

Here you can find a list of supported OS. Windows OS is limited access to hardware. For this reason, if you have Linux, use on that. Undoubtedly, Linux is the best OS for penetration testing and exploiting.

  • Linux (Full support)*:
    • Debian Kernel Linux (Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Debian, …)
    • RPM Systems (Fedora, CentOS, Oracle Linux, Red Hat, …)
    • Arch Linux (Arch Linux, Black Arch, …)
    • BSD Systems (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Darwin, NetBSD, …)
  • Windows (Just portable – Limited plugins):
    • Home Windows (Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows XP, …)
    • Windows Servers (Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2016, …)
  • ARM CPUs (Just portable):
    • Android (Termux, Android Versions +5, …)
    • Raspberry Pi (Raspbian, Debian Arm, …)
    • Arduino Boards
    • Windows phone (Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 10, …)

Whats Premium Version And How To Buy It?

Although G3nius Tools Sploit is easy to use, and having powerful plugins and libraries, we have a premium version. Both free and premium version are contained free plugins, but premium version besides free plugins, have new features.

For e.g, new advance cyberattack plugins, dedicated IP, unlimited bandwidth. Basically, the Premium version has cloudy space and dedicated IP.

Buying and maintaining servers is costly, so part of the cost of purchasing this version will be spent on server maintenance.

As has been noted, all in all, premium version is better for advanced cybersecurity attacks.

Also at the present time, to buy this version you can send a message to support with the following links:

Instagram : WitBlack_pv Telegram : WitBlack E-Mail : admin@bugzone.ir Website : BugZone.ir

How To Develop Your Custom Plugin And Publish On G3nius Tools Sploit?

First thing to remember, you can develop your plugin with any programming language like: Python, C, C++, Node.js, etc. but generally we suggest Python3, because as can be seen G3nius Tools Sploit is written by Python3.

Consequently, GPL (G3nius Power library) is written by Python3. Certainly GPL will be very helpful. All things considered on GPL, HTTP attacks, network attacks, detection tools, cryptography, signal attacks, and a lot of different options.

What’s GPL, And What’s Do That?

GPL (G3nius Power library) is especially library of G3nius Tools Sploit. GPL is very easy to use and automatically. Even if you’re not a programmer, can develop your custom plugin.

During design of cybersecurity attack, you will need different of tools. For e.g. request to a URL and repeat request if it gets 502 error. Well done, check cryptography and decrypt that.

In this scenario, you should use 30–50 lines of Python codes. But using GPL you can implementation this process at 3–4 Lines!

The GPL Library is continuously upgraded and improved. Nevertheless, we don’t explain about GPL usages here. If you want to find out more information, visit here.