Get-AppLockerEventlog script will parse all the channels of events from the win-event log to extract all the log relatives to AppLocker. The script will gather all the important pieces of information relative to the events for forensic or threat-hunting purposes, or even in order to troubleshoot. Here are the logs we fetch from win-event:

  • EXE and DLL,
  • MSI and Script,
  • Packaged app-Deployment,
  • Packaged app-Execution.

The output:

  • The result will be displayed on the screen
  • And, The result will be saved to a csv file: AppLocker-log.csv

The juicy and useful information you will get with this script are:

  • FileType,
  • EventID,
  • Message,
  • User,
  • Computer,
  • EventTime,
  • FilePath,
  • Publisher,
  • FileHash,
  • Package
  • RuleName,
  • LogName,
  • TargetUser.



This parameter specifies the type of events you are interested in, there are 04 values for this parameter:

1. All

This gets all the events of AppLocker that are interesting for threat-hunting, forensic or even troubleshooting. This is the default value.

.\Get-AppLockerEventlog.ps1 -HunType All

2. Block

This gets all the events that are triggered by the action of blocking an application by AppLocker, this type is critical for threat-hunting or forensics, and comes with high priority, since it indicates malicious attempts, or could be a good indicator of prior malicious activity in order to evade defensive mechanisms.

.\Get-AppLockerEventlog.ps1 -HunType Block |Format-Table -AutoSize

3. Allow

This gets all the events that are triggered by the action of Allowing an application by AppLocker. For threat-hunting or forensics, even the allowed applications should be monitored, in order to detect any possible bypass or configuration mistakes.

.\Get-AppLockerEventlog.ps1 -HunType Allow | Format-Table -AutoSize

4. Audit

This gets all the events generated when AppLocker would block the application if the enforcement mode were enabled (Audit mode). For threat-hunting or forensics, this could indicate any configuration mistake, neglect from the admin to switch the mode, or even a malicious action that happened in the audit phase (tuning phase).

 .\Get-AppLockerEventlog.ps1 -HunType Audit


To better understand AppLocker :