How to Grow Your Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

How to Grow Your Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Businesses have faced an unprecedented challenge in the form of COVID-19. It has affected all the business strategies and forced them to come up with new solutions. According to a survey, almost 55% of businesses are unable to deal with the pandemic with no idea about the future.

Although there are only limited options, you can still grow your business during the COVID-19 pandemics. Knowing things like what is an 0333 number and how to use a virtual phone system as WeNumber can help you grow. 

The tips shared in this article are not specific to an industry. Hence, any organization can use them to grow their business in these hard times.

Adapt Virtual Phone System

A virtual phone system allows organizations to offer local call charges to their customers. It will ensure that they can connect with you without worrying about the call charges. Additionally, it helps organizations to work remotely and manage multiple calls at the same time.

Your customer support executives can operate from their respective homes while connected to the same business number. You can get a business number by WeNumber at affordable rates.

Support Your Team And Customers 

Most of the businesses are worried about how they will respond to this pandemic. However, keeping your team and customers together should be the goal of your business. Every other organization is going through the same difficulties too. 

Hence, try to support your team and customers as much as you can. You can start by considering some cost-cutting in your business operations to maintain the cash flow. It is challenging, but most of the leading companies have proved this strategy with their efforts. 

They have managed to maintain and even grow their business without firing any of their employees.

Provide More Value

Running a business is all about the value you provide to your customers. There is no better time to tell your customers about how much you care about them. However, it should not be limited to the emails as you need to step ahead and provide some additional values.

Changing the policies to support your customers can bring some positive changes to your sales. It gives them a sense of trust, which improves their loyalty towards your business. You can also share some tips and tricks to deal with this pandemic with your customers.

Know that every initiative from your business will impact your sales after this pandemic.

Focus on Your Communication with Customers

The COVID 19 pandemics has changed the way customers react to your Communications. Be mindful of how you connect with them and vice versa. Ask for the customer feedback and contact them only when it is necessary. Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Send Positive Vibes in Your Emails

Your customers know about the pandemic as much as you do. Hence, avoid using related terms and focus on providing value in your Communications.

  1. Be Digital

Going online is the best thing a business can do right now. There are many advantages of going online that you are missing out. It can help you cut your workspace and marketing costs without impacting your business operations.

  • Work from home: Adapting the work from home culture can be the change your business needs right now. It helps your employees to spend some time with their family and focus on work at the same time. Additionally, it will help in cost-cutting in different business areas.
  • Online Marketing: You can start leveraging your website and social media accounts. Most of your customers are online these days, and you can easily take this opportunity to connect with them. Start posting business updates and try to engage your audience (customers and potential customers) through your posts.
  • Online Management: You can easily manage your business online. There are free tools that can help you take group meetings and manage your invoices conveniently. It will reduce your costs while helping you focus on the issues.
  1. Stay Positive

You can only manage your business if you are positive about the situation. Do not overthink the problems and try to find their solutions. There are many things that you can do to turn this pandemic into an opportunity. 

Call for a meeting and share the new business plan with your employees to ensure that everyone is on the same track.

Final Words

Maintaining and growing the business is a challenging task these days. However, the tips that we have covered in this article can help you achieve your goals. Some of the changes as the virtual phone system and work from home may require some additional efforts. 

But once you do it, you will see some positive outcomes out of this change. You just need a cloud communication service provider like WeNumber to get an 0333 number. To conclude, focusing on providing value ( in a proper way) is all you need to grow your business.