MMOs are evolving very quickly to keep the attention of the players. Constant updates, new patches, updated locations and bosses.

Sometimes developers even add a new gradation of armor or weapons, and when you enter the game after a long period of time, you may be surprised how much everything has changed and not understand what is happening.

Read the patch notes

Developers before the release of the next update expose a list of upcoming changes and patch notes of the future update. It is better not to be too lazy to study them carefully.

For example, with the new patch, the weapon that was considered the best will not be as effective, and a new one will replace it.

New locations with simplified leveling can greatly simplify the life of a player, especially after a long absence – after all, you also need to catch up with top players.

Matching gaming trends

There is an interesting feature in online games – if you return after a few months, you can see that the character is far from the best in terms of equipment. And this issue will have to be urgently addressed, both for convenient pumping and for matching the character to other players. Otherwise, dungeons and joint pumping cannot be seen.

The easiest way is to buy the cheapest wow gold, a small investment will help you catch up with more advanced characters and simplify the leveling process.

You can go a longer way – to save game currency and gradually improve your character, but this format of the game is far from suitable for everyone, and sometimes you can help yourself at the start in order to quickly reach a comfortable level of play.

Ask other players

Patch notes will give dry information about updates and the current situation in the game, but no one understands them better than the players.

Feel free to ask other players about what’s happening in the game, what’s new, where it’s better to upgrade and earn money, what bosses you should go and why, what armor and weapons are currently relevant, what dungeons are better to farm.

Watch WoW streamers and bloggers

There are always players or streamers who track all game changes, analyze them and give them to others in the form of game videos on YouTube, or stream on Twitch.

They will tell:

  • About current events
  • What events are worth paying attention to
  • Dungeons to farm
  • Bosses with good loot

Find an active guild

A guild with good players will be a good source of information on the current update – you can always ask a question and get an answer, see where other players go and why.

Ask to join a group for a profitable upgrade, even if in a regular search, you would not have been taken with your current level and equipment.

Usually there are people in guilds who are ready to help newcomers and players who have not played for a long time.

You can also ask them questions about the current update and what you need to know, but don’t be annoying. Not everyone likes the increased interest and frequent questions, first find out if the person is interested in working as a guide, and then bombard him with questions.

Such people are often given out by chat – they are active, always answer and ready to help – so write to them first.

Be Curious

The best piece of advice anyone can give to any MMO game is that it was designed to allow players to explore and enjoy the game world in the process.

Fail difficult raids at first, only to go there again and find loopholes and other strategies to win.

Experiment with equipment, team up in groups, go to difficult dungeons, even if you have no idea what to do in them, and learn on the go.

Catch the drive from everything new and unknown and then the game will give you an incredible stream of pleasure


To quickly break into a game where you have been absent for a long time, refer to patch notes, watch interesting videos and streams, buy new equipment and communicate with other players. Ask everything that is interesting, or just go on an adventure and figure it out on the go – this is the main charm of any MMO.