How to Send a PDF to a Fax Machine Easily Quickly and Securely?

How to Send a PDF to a Fax Machine Easily Quickly and Securely?

Do you want to send a PDF to a fax machine?

You will need online fax services to manage transmission of important documents. CocoFax and other online fax apps can help you to manage this transmission.

With online fax apps, you can use your smartphone as a virtual fax machine.

See some best fax apps that will help you to send a PDF to a fax machine.

CocoFax: All in One Fax App

With the use of CocoFax, you can remove a fax machine from your office. It is an easy way to avoid phone and fax maintenance charges.

Google Fax Free helps you send pdf to fax with the best free faxing options, such as Cocofax. With such a tool, you will get a free fax number to receive faxes. If you want to avail a free 30-day trial period, use your email ID and create an account. its fax app for iPhone or Android to turn your phone into a virtual fax machine.

CocoFax allows you to send and receive faxes to different parts of the world. It is suitable for international and domestic faxing. For this reason, it has been featured on Digital Trends, Life Hacker, TechRadar and many others. PDF Fax Through a Web Browser

This fax service enables you to use your mobile to send and receive faxes. Feel free to download CocoFax’s app or open a browser.

After creating your account, it will be easy for you to send and receive pdf documents via its dashboard.

With HIPAA compliant faxing, there is no need to worry about cyberattacks. See these simple and easy steps to follow:

Step 01: Get your 30 days free trial and sign up to select a fax number. CocoFax will take you to a dashboard. 02: CocoFax dashboard enables you to choose “Send Fax” to create a fax and fill important fields. For instance, you have to write a fax number in “To” field, upload a PDF document and create a cover. 03: Once you are done with everything, tap on the “Send” option. CocoFax will send your fax to the fax machine of the receiver.  You can get more information from Google Fax Free for CocoFax.

You can use this app to send free faxes from your iPhone or Android without subscribing or registering to anything.

With this free fax service, you will send your documents in the form of photos. It enables you to fax directly from a smartphone.

Moreover, you can upload documents to transmit email attachments. It is a user-friendly app to send documents from Google Drive and DropBox. Feel free to type a suitable fax message. This app enables you to fax a page daily for free to nearly 50 countries.

To send additional pages, you will need in-app purchases. Cost of these purchases may vary based on the total pages and zone. It is possible to receive faxes with the same app after purchasing a number.


CamScanner is available for Android and iPhone users.

Download this app from the Play Store or App Store and install on your cell phone. It comes with several features to send faxes. Feel free to add documents for faxing and tap on the camera icon or use OCR scanning.

OCR scanning can turn pictures of a document into PDF. Add files to send via faxes and click them to view these documents.

To send these via fax, click on the “Share” icon and select whether to share a JPG or PDF image.

Once you are done with the selection, see a standard sharing menu and choose Fax/Print/Upload. After selecting the right option, choose a “Fax” tab to enter the information of the recipient.  

HelloFax Mobile

Use a mobile version of HelloFax to send faxes online.

Its mobile version is famous for its user-friendly features. Visit their website, sign up for a free plan and get started. Unfortunately, their site for mobile lacks some features. There is nothing to worry because it is useful for occasional faxing.

Create a secure password at the time of sign up and sign in to send a fax. Click on the “Upload Files” tab to click a picture of your documents with a camera or choose a file from your device. Now you have to type in a fax number and click on “Send”.

You can use their free plan to send five pages for free.


Ultimately, it is clear how to send a PDF to a fax machine easily and securely.

You will need an online fax service to ditch a fax machine. Hence, it isn’t easy to choose a fax solution for everyone. Everyone, including businesses and individuals, has their own needs.

For business users, we have a clear choice, CocoFax, because of its security, features, speed and efficiency.

You can use its app or dashboard to manage faxing via cell phone. It has the potential to handle high-volume faxes. For occasional users, CamScanner may work efficiently.

If you need a portable and professional faxing solution, feel free to check out essential details on the official website of CocoFax.