In the vast expanse of cybersecurity, the Hunt for LFI (Local File Inclusion) stands out as a pivotal tool for ethical hackers and security enthusiasts.

This automated brute force attack tool is specially designed for exploiting local file inclusion vulnerabilities, primarily through GET requests.

Tailored for both Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions and bug bounty hunting, it significantly reduces the time spent searching for exploitable injections that can bypass sophisticated site security and filtering systems.

The tool embodies a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, ensuring the digital fortification of web applications.

Simple Automated brute force attack tool for exploiting local file inclusion, using GET requests (with special attention to CTFs and bug bounty).

Designed to optimize time spent searching for injections that bypass site security and filtering.

Local File Inclusion:

The File Inclusion vulnerability allows an attacker to include a file, usually exploiting a “dynamic file inclusion” mechanisms implemented in the target application. The vulnerability occurs due to the use of user-supplied input without proper validation. This can lead to something as outputting the contents of the file

  • The script will use all the most commonly used techniques to bypass a filtering system or protections on the potentially vulnerable target and will show all successful payloads.
  • If you know of an additional more effective technique, feel free to modify the code or add other payloads.