I cannot believe I’m in year 3 what I’m don’t qualify this time next year anyway. This is something for everyone to take away from if you’re 18 even alright up to what however mature of a student you are there. We go this is what everyone so this video is basically as you talk in the title, if you need how asked for it I mean that in every sense of the word and ever way you need it in lifelike.

Your own personal life in academic expert writers anyway you need help up someone or keep on arts in because it’s always going to be someone out there who can help you I’ve seen quite a bit of especially a second job, and a lot of people were struggling. I saw people not wanting to ask for help because they were even like I’m mature I’m a grown person like I’m 30-something. I shouldn’t be asking for help or like I’m steady something I shouldn’t need help or I’m 19 and I don’t think I’m like immature if I ask for how or like you know things like that and I’ve seen a lot of it or they’re just like. I don’t know what help they have like then what they don’t trust that they have that they can help us and it’s kind of like her I’m a mix between. I agree with the Union when they say that you’re mature students you should like you know if you have to help yourself but also like you should be able to look for help for yourself that’s how I see it like if you need help look for it every University has helped out there and like. I can deal with it I like to have, help like they’re going to put us through stress they better have a way to counteract that’s. How I see it so this is going to be a this is probably what university offers to go search for it so first up I’m going to talk about your mental well-being because your mental physical emotional well-being or matters so physically make sure you go to your doctor’s your GPS get a GP in your new uni area because trust me is long trekking back to where you live just to get a GP appointment don’t do it then mentally make sure you’re doing things like the usually you knees will have societies some of those societies might have a mindfulness or my hand yoga might have something that’s kind of harming or something that you love to do that calms you look at that but then also the university itself will offer you also how basically, you usually have really good counseling services because my university is actually in partnership with st. George’s so Kingston University is a partnership with st. George’s University. I have the best of both worlds in a way because Kingston often offers a couple of counseling sessions I don’t know however how long it was but I remember that st. George’s offers a six-week run of counseling services so you kind of has like those two things and they’ll usually suggest if you need longer them what the university offers you should go to your GP to arts for help so you do it that’s what they offered that and then so that’s like your kind of mental help and then also physical help covered cool now let’s move on to the academic side so in school or in like levels or college you might have like done really well and then get you to invest you might take a couple of hits you may need academic help not everyone but sometimes you might do especially if this is the first degree you might need to like help figure out like. How do I write this way and how do I reference this way and stuff like that now there are so many levels of academic support usually your library or learning recreational center what does it learning rec center and lassi.

I don’t know well it sounds little web lessons well your library basically usually they will have staff the librarians there are usually really gifted and they usually have like a library for each kind of module type or for the overall school department you’re in they all have someone who specializes in that who can help you update it so go to that if you feel like you don’t want like loads of help you just want some help if you go that they always having to have someone who does academic support or basically someone who could just read over your essay to make sure it makes sense to make sure like there’s no grammatical errors tough like that to make sure you’re writing at a level 5 or level over for level 5 or level 6 level whatever level you’re at so basically fascist second at that yet to make sure that your reference in some point the house on who does referencing now will have support that for you also your academic tutors can help people they were probably refer you just over to the I preserve says anyway unless they don’t know to your library services go to your receptionist and ask them when their drop-in sessions are or if you have the Becca session how can you book one because they are so helpful and that’s what they’re there for and that’s what they get paid for so don’t feel like oh I’m gonna be a bird and I don’t want to like don’t feel that way or don’t feel like I feel so silly cuz I’m so grown I don’t feel that way like listen it’s a sign of maturity when you’re able to ask for help so go ask for help what’s the point of view paying like nine thousand two hundred and fifty pounds a year to not use what you’re paying for see that makes sense we should get our money’s worth so go an arts for help like I said when you’re getting into debt for nothing should we don’t ask for any help by the way just let you know so go and ask to help its that they offer it it’s there and then, if you feel like you may be struggling a bit more than usual a bit more than the average Joe then you need to go sorry in one’s good you don’t know eyes at them mmm then you should go to your Student Life Center or Student Center however your uni calls it and go there, and ask them for some help they’re worth they can assist you anything they are cool that they can help you with housing stuff they can help you with finance stuff they can help you with again learning stuff academic stuff they can help with anything like they are so good they’re okay they have a cool job unless you’re like Charlotte then that’s a bad job but anyway if you go that or if you go on the website evil I’m they can help you and tell you we need to go to see if you need to get assessed and they can take you for the whole process of applying for DSA and all that stuff now I’m gonna get personal with you guys I don’t think I’ve ever really just kind of said it where you have I don’t know anyway I have always kind of known I struggled in school I would revive with my device and still only get straight average or scraped just under average I’ve always struggled my new brain does not process information like most people’s my brain likes to over complicate things and I’m like no dummy dummy dumb it down dumb it down so I say to you I might talk to me as if I’m stupid so that my brain can process it so that my brain doesn’t over think it’s not it’s work thing and I’ve come up with so many coping mechanisms throughout the years it’s crazy I remember my earliest memory was when we’ve got our SATs results into like you and your six so I was like 11 and 10 11 years old not 11 like end of year six I was 11 I got my SATs results and I remember sitting there and my teacher was like okay Louisa don’t cry but you actually did really well and I was like oh obviously I was a priori about them I saw that Melissa be honest but still like I was just like so like did well because I always struggle in school from that age I’m your uncle in school and I didn’t know if that was just because at home my friends are doing with special learning I was it was my mom’s dyslexic I didn’t know but then again she was really great like she was like she didn’t know that so she would arc someone else or she’ll get like a dictionary out she was on it okay but I just kind of always do a struggle and then throwing through secondary school I still sure what they wouldn’t do anything about it because they don’t want to spend the money to get me tested which sucked but luckily it was a cool black lady there who helped me out whenever I needed help I was so sad when she left so sad and then when I got to sixth form I like so they like you don’t need to like those wide kind of like spread like let’s see who may need help I got caught up in that so they were like hey you look like you need help but it didn’t give me a lot of help they’re like not dyslexic enough to get help so they just gave me like some overlaid color overlays to put over my book so if you ever seen me out and about and you seen my book and it is like blue thing out mother that’s my color overlay sir I can read properly yeah so I got you than that but again nothing more than really and then when I don’t to college to do my access course again they’re like you’re not just left sick enough for us to help you you’re not 12 if you ever get 12 or 18 month waiting list Mike I was nine months what and I got to university finally I don’t know how I did it and as soon as I got to university I went straight to that Student Life Center and I’ve got my sock out. I was like I figure dyslexic help me up these actually I on the application form I put on like just that’s it and then they hunt up to me that way as well I was a bit but not really like I suppose like I don’t have any proof but I think I am and so they like she loved me and I went there we spoke and they told me all the steps I needed to take I went and like applied online on like the government website for like DSA then I went and took the tested DSA paid for the test fighting the lord Prozac test was like seven-eight hundred pounds roughly, and I was in her house. I went to the woman’s house and it was expensive but anyway so I’ve got the test done and then it was finally written on paper.

I was dyslexic she also thought I was like I was a dysplastic but I don’t think it’s that but she also thought I had something else mainly but I was like I’ll just take know one thing for now again even though one thing and so ever since then I’ve had adjustments. I get longer in exams officially and then. I also get your extra help I have access to a dyslexia tutor like all this really amazing stuff. I have access to and if you watch one of my posts. Where I was honest with you guys? And I talked to you, I actually did fail one of my essays that’s because. I didn’t make time in my schedule to go and get the help, I’m too stressed to go and do that I don’t even know what I’m doing I have nothing to show them so I didn’t go and ask for help well that was stupid because.

I felt and then I was like 5ly retake. I’m gone I’m not gonna be on this course anymore but as you tell I post but anyway so here’s the thing because I was like I don’t have time going at how I failed if I had just prioritized the fact that. I need academic support anyway and should go and get academic support I wouldn’t have found I would have passed, and I would have been cur she and I would of like stressed and my second grade would have been brought down but I was like no I don’t need it, and I felt and then I have quite a few people I know of quite a few people who failed or did quite bad on an essay and there was literally cuz I didn’t want our to help or they were like. I don’t know I needed help or they were like I didn’t know those help available. I’m making this video to tell you guys there’s help available go and get it nothing is more important than getting making you succeed in your academic career if you’re getting into debt for your academic career basically please go get the help I beg you go and get help because failing an essay sucks like it absolutely sucks I don’t want to experience that ever again and I don’t really want you guys to experience that. I’m telling you there’s help out there going it okay I’m for the next time keep on being you guys if you like this video give it a thumb.