All the deals for InfoSec related software/tools this Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

Just 2023 Things

Quality over quantity – this list goes through a level of vetting for dodginess, gated-deals, deals that aren’t infosec related and either can’t be verified or break promises (e.g. states % off all courses, but has exclusions).

There are also some vendors being stood up (literally) with courses and training ‘just’ for black friday; at your service here to weed out the genuine from the fake.

This list is for you if you are in: all teh cyberz, penetration tester, blue team, red team, purple team, secure code, exploit research and development, vulnerability management, threat hunting, incident response, forensics, intelligence, threat intelligence, open-source intelligence, governance/risk/compliance, security architect, network security, CSO/CISO, AppSec, DevSecOps, consulting, security awareness, and -insert your role here-

The below deals have either publicly announced they’ll be doing a deal or highly expected.

  • All USD
  • All End times in UTC
  • DYOR and AYOR: I try my best to vet all links for legitimacy, but there’s always a chance something slips through
  • Some vendors use my handle for tracking this list – there are NO referral/affiliate/commission links here

InfoSec Black Friday Deals 2023 – Work on this has started, feel free to submit your PRs!

InfoSec Career Development (NEW CATEGORY 2023!)

CareerSec: Securing Your Advancement in the Cyber Workforce
25% at checkout with code: cyber-friday-25
Deal ends: 30th November


Return on Security Subscription (Annual)
25% off ($74.00 instead of $99)
Deal ends: 30th November

Let’s Defend Cybersecurity Weekly Newsletter
95% off ($5 instead of $95) with code: BLCKFRDY-NEWS
Deal ends: December

Professional Services

UnderDefense Cybersecurity

  • 20-40% off App/Network/Infra Pentests
  • 20-40% off 24×7 Managed Threat Detection and Response
  • 20-40% off for Incident Response Retainer
    Deal ends: 23rd December

Immunity Systems

  • 45% off for Network Penetration tests
  • 30% off for Web Application Security tests
  • 25% off for Red Teaming services
  • 20% off for Mobile Application Security tests
    Deal ends: 30th December or until exhausted

Coastline Cybersecurity

  • 30% off for External/Internal/Web/AD Penetration Testing
  • 30% off for Mobile/Cloud/IoT Application Security assessments
    Deal ends: 30th December

Security For Everyone

  • 50% off with code: BlackFriday50
    Deal ends: 30th December

Sekurno – Penetration testing

  • 20% Off on All Penetration Testing Services
    Deal ends: December


Exploit Pack – Advanced exploitation framework with 0days and 39.000+ exploits
LIFETIME License – Upgrade from $980 USD 1-year license to Lifetime
Deal availability: 10 licenses only
Deal ends: 26th November

Pākiki Proxy
25% off the yearly subscriptions for life with code: BLACKFRIDAY23
Deal ends: 2nd December

GrayhatWarfare Open Bucket & shorturl
40% off Premium ($200 down from $370) & Enterprise ($560 down from $1190)
Deal live now

PortDroid – A swiss army knife of network security tools for Android
50% off lifetime version with code: CYBER_2023
Deal ends: 4th December

Proxyman – Capture, inspect, and manipulate HTTP/HTTPS traffic
30% off with code: PROXYMAN_BLACKFRIDAY_2023
Deal ends: 25th November

Pulsedive Threat Intelligence
50% off for 6 months of Pro with code: BLACKFRIDAY23
Deal ends: 28th November

SecureStack DevSecOps SaaS
50% off for 12 months with code: BLACKFRIDAY23WOW
Deal ends: 2nd December

Burp Bounty Pro (Burp Suite Marketplace App)
$21 off from $86 to $64
Deal ends: 27th November

Tenable Nessus Pro
50% off Nessus PRO with code: takehalf
Deal valid: 23rd-27th November

ZoomEye – Cyber OSINT Search Engine
50% off for one-year advanced member level
Deal ends: 27th November

Live Courses & Conferences (NEW CATEGORY 2023!)

Ringzer0 BOOTSTRAP24 Training and Conference
$400 discount on trainings
$50 discount on conference tickets
Can be used with early-bird pricing, with code: R0CYBERMONDAY2023
Deal valid: 24th-28th November

The OSINTion Academy
On Demand
80% off all on-demand courses
40% off upcoming live courses with code: BLACKFRIDAY \

Invictus Incident Response Training
20% off with code: BLACKFRIDAY
Deal ends: 30th November

Online Courses & Training

Security Blue Team (SBT) ????
50% off for BTL2
Free 6-months BTLO with BTL1
$125 for 12 months for BTL Pro
Deal ends: 2nd December

AppSecEngineer – Han, Labs and Challenges
25% off on Annual Plans (Pro and Plus) for Individuals and Annual Business Plans with coupon code: PUMPKINPIE25
Deal ends: 30th November

Blue Team Training – LetsDefend ????
50% off code: BLCKFRDY
Deal ends: 2nd December

Cloud Academy (Security Cours
41% off annual plan

International Society of Automation (Industrial Cybersecurity)
30% off with code: BFCM23
Deal ends: 27 November

Offensive Security – Penetration Testing Training
20% off Learn One subscription
Deal ends: 31st December

SafeStack – Secure Development Training Platform
25% off plans with code: BFTHANKS2023

Zero Point Security Certifications & Courses
off with code: BLACKFRI23
Deal ends: 1st December

The Cyber Plumber’s Lab Guide and Access
(1) 33% off ($13.37 USD) + free handbook
(2) 75% off for students
Use code: BLACKFRIDAY2023
Deal ends: December

DroneSec (Drone Cybersec, Threat Intel, OSINT, RF & Counter-Drone Security Training) ??

Deal valid: 22-30 November

7asecurity (Security 100% Hands-On Train
50% off any course with code: BFCM50
Deal valid: 15 November – 5 December

Practical DevSecOps – Hands on DevSecOps and Product Security Courses
15% off all courses
Deal ends: 30th November

TCM Security Certification & Courses
(1) 20% off of certifications and live trainings
(2) 50% off of the first payment of the All-Access Membership (any plan)
Code: GobbleGobble23
Deal ends: 27th November

Pensterlab ????
27% off one year subscription, applied automatically
(1) US$146 instead of US$199
(2) US$25.99 instead of US$34.99 for students
Deal valid: 24-29th November

Securízame hacking, DFIR and hardening training (SPANISH)
25% discount for online and online++ training
Deal valid: 24-27 November

TheXSSRat Bug Bounty and Hacking Courses
40% off with code: lemon
60% off with code: WEEKLYSALES
70% off with code: AC44Z9J
70% off “Endless Cybersecurity Journey” with code: BFCROWDFAV
(Buy the “all in one” Endless Cybersecurity Journey and get another code for a friend free)
Deal is live

The SecOps Group Security Exams
75% off on all Essentials & Professional Exams with code: BLACK-FRIDAY-75-OFF
Deal Ends: 24 November

TryHackme Advent of Cyber Deal
20% off personal annual subscriptions with code: AOC2023
Deal ends: 7th December

SecurityDojo Kubernetes Security Training Courses
(1) Flat 90% off on Student passes
(2) 25% off with code BlackFriday1 on 1-1 Instructor
(3) 25% off with code BlackFridayCorporate on Corporate passes
Deal is live

CQURE Academy Cybersecurity SkillSet Courses
(1) 20% Off Live Virtual Classes
(2) 29% off Cybersecurity Master Annual Program 2024
(3) 30% off Cybersecurity Skillset Courses
Deal Ends: 27th November

Mr. Un1k0d3r’s Malware Development and Red Team Training Bundle
25% off both the coding class and red team training courses
Discount live now

Sektor7 Redteam courses
20% off on all RED TEAM Operator courses with code: BW23
Deal valid: 20th-27th November

Blue Cape Security
On Demand
25% off training courses with code: BLACKFRIDAY25 \

Pluralsight InfoSec Courses
50% off – No code required

APT Defend security awareness with phishing simulation platform

50% off for first three months of pay as you go subscription
50% off for first six months of annual subscription
Free phishing test for up to 250 users
Deal valid: now-31st December

ArcX Cyber Threat Intelligence Training
50% off – No code required
Deal ends: 27th November @ midnight

Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) Training by Cloud Security Alliance – CYBER MONDAY ONLY
50% discount for exam and/or training course
Deal valid: 27 November 2023 only

Expliot Academy (ioT Hacking Skills)
45% off on courses using Code: BF45
Deal (allegedly) ends: 23rd November

Practical Labs:

Safer Internet Project Ongoing Labs
35% off all memberships (e.g. $35 USD p/m to $23 USD p/m)

Altered Security Online Pentesting Labs
20% off classes and bootcamps in Q1 and Q2 2024 with code BLACKFRIDAY2023
Deal valid: 24-27 November

Mini Courses:

NahamSec – Intro to Bug Bounty Hunting and Web Application Hacking
100% off with code: FREEBLACKFRIDAY
$9.99 with code: BLACKFRIDAY23

Hacking Android Applications for Bug Bounty and Pentesting
65% off at checkout with code: BLACKFRIDAY23
Deal valid: 20th November – 25th November

Cybr’s Cloud Security Training
4 months free ($19 off) yearly subscription, applied on page
Deal ends: 27 November


CREST Registered Penetration Tester (CRT) Exam
75% off for CREST members (claim with CREST member email)
40% discount for non-CREST members
Exam must be booked by 31 January 2024 and must be taken by 30 April 2024
Deal ends: 31st January

eLearn Security Certifications
50% discount on many certifications like eWPTx


KSEC LABS (Red Team Tools, Locksmith, Hacker Gadgets)
Various discounts, free shipping and codes on page to use
15% off all products with code: BLACKFRIDAY15
20% off all Pro Pick Tools (Automatic Discount)
Deal ends: 30th November

iFixIt Hardware and Security Tooling
25% Off Seasonal Bundles
20% Off Toolkits
Multiple On-Sale Kits
Deal Ends: November 28

Yubico Hardware MFA Keys
Buy One, Get One 50% OFF for YubiKey 5 Series and Security Key Series
Deal valid: 20-27 November

Covert Instruments Lockpicking Tools
Multiple On-Sale Kits discounts applied automatically
Deal Ends: 3rd December


HackCloth Hacking Hoodies, T-Shirts & Sweatshirts
Free shipping + Buy 2 get 20% off storewide
Deal Ends: 1st December


Springer Apress Cybersecurity eBook Up to 90% off, selected titles are $6.99

Microsoft Press store by Pearson
30% on books/eBooks & 70% on video with code IGNITE \


Elevation of Privilege Card Game
(1) 15% off with code: CYBER15
(2) 30% off 3 or more items with code: CYBER30

SecDim Attack and Defence Wa
(1) 25% off annual Professional plan
(2) 35% off annual Professional plan when you reply here
Deal Ends: 1st December


Up to 74% saved on 3 year subscription, reduced discounts for lower time periods
Deal live now

Surfshark VPN
80% off and up to 5 months free
Deal ends: 26th November

69% off and 3 months free
Deal live now

Private Internet Access
$79 for 3-year plan + 4 months free
Effectively $1.98/month (83% off)
Deal ends: 23rd November 9AM ET

Up to 30% off
Deal live now

Proton Privacy Tools (Mail, Pass, VPN)
33%-66% off
Deal ends: 4th December

Intego Mac Antivirus and Security
65% off
Deal ends: December

WPSec WordPress Vulnerability Scanner (Old 2022 deal still works – yikes)
One month free ($29 USD off)