What’s the best Internet Service Provider in NYC?

The Internet is no longer a luxury. It is a part of our daily lives and imagining life without it seems impossible. It helps, it connects and it also aids our learning.

No matter where we are, an internet connection is a must as we use it for casual surfing, responding to high-priority email, enjoy our favorite seasons online, and staying connected, to say the least.

You could be a student, a working professional or a celebrity, the need for the internet is for all. When it comes to internet usage, smart cities have a bigger consumption. Bigger consumption means more providers fighting for a better chunk and this translates into multiple options for you.

When it comes to smart cities or the most connected ones, New York stands in the top 3. This attracts a lot of attention for the residents to look out and access the finest New York internet providers among the wide range of available providers and packages in their vicinity.

This makes it interesting to dig in among the wide range of available packages and offers but it also comes with all the confusion. Which connection type to choose? What download speeds to subscribe? What provider would work best? We’ve compiled a list of best internet providers in the big apple. If you are looking for one, read on!

Available Connection Types

Catering to some 900,000 people is no easy task. A market so big asks for multiple providers to offer their services. Remember not all providers offer the same type of internet connection, neither do they offer similar services.

One might be offering great deals and packages in one area and the other may be a more feasible option elsewhere. Here are a few connection types and their preferred providers:

Cable Internet

Cable internet uses the existing cable TV network and gets you internet through coaxial wires. So, the same cable offers cable TV options as well. In addition to great speeds, it offers you a chance to combine your internet and TV services which helps you save decent amounts every month.

This connection type also happens to be the most widely available. This network is so vast that almost the entire populace, 99.9% to be precise, can get a cable internet connection.

Best Cable internet options in New York City

Provider Max Speed Plan Count Coverage
Spectrum 940 Mbps 7 99.9%
Xfinity 400 Mbps 21 0.1%
Mediacom 50 Mbps


DSL or Digital Subscriber Line is a high-speed internet connection. It uses the existing phone network to connect to the main server which ensures that you are always connected.

This technology is capable of letting you simultaneously use both the internet and phone. This type of internet connection will max out at speeds of around 50 Mbps. Where it lacks in speeds, it makes up for coverage.

Best DSL internet option in New York City

Provider Max Speed Plan Count Coverage
EarthLink 15 Mbps 4 98.4%


This is a unique form of wireless internet connectivity. This type of connection uses a dish receiver connected to a satellite in space. This is how the data travels, you dispatch data from your device which passes through the modem and travels through a wire connected to your dish receiver.

It is then sent to the connected satellite in space which then transmits this data back to earth. This may sound complicated and slow but this type of connection is capable of delivering speeds up to 25 Mbps.

Best Cable internet option in New York City

Provider Max Speed Plan Count Coverage
HughesNet 25 Mbps 4 100%

All providers aim to offer great services but due to infrastructure limitations, the quality will vary from place to place. Make sure that you ask around before finalizing your preferred option.

Another thing that will help you make the right decision is the consideration of what speeds you need as opposed to what you want. This will save a lot of money as faster internet speeds tend to be more expensive as well.