IpGeo is a python tool to extract IP addresses from captured network traffic file (pcap/pcapng) and generate csv report containing details about the geolocation of each ip in the packets.

The report contains:

  1. Country:
  2. Country Code.
  3. Region
  4. Region Name
  5. City
  6. Zip
  7. Latitude
  8. Longitude
  9. Timezone
  10. Isp
  11. Org
  12. Ip


Use the package manager pip3 to install required modules.

pip3 install colorama
pip3 install requests
pip3 install pyshark

If you are not using Kali or ParrotOs or any other penetration distribution you need to install Tshark.

sudo apt install tshark


python3 ipGeo.py
# then you will enter captured traffic file path

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