Jsleak : A Go Code To Detect Leaks In JS Files Via Regex Patterns


jsleak is a tool to identify sensitive data in JS files through regex patterns. Although it’s built for this, you can use it to identify anything as long as you have a regex pattern for it.

How To Install


{your package manager} install pkg-config libpcre++-dev
go get github.com/0xTeles/jsleak/v2/jsleak

How To Use

-json string
[+] Json output file
-pattern string
[+] File contains patterns to test
-timeout int
[+] Timeout for request in seconds (default 5)
[+] Verbose Mode


cat urls.txt | jsleak -pattern regex.txt
[+] Url: http://localhost/index.js
[+] Pattern: p([a-z]+)ch
[+] Match: peach