LinPwn : Interactive Post Exploitation Tool

LinPwn is a interactive tool created to assist you in post exploitation enumeration and privilege escalation.


  • Set your IP and port you want it to connect to in the Connection class.
  • Place the LinPwn binary on the target machine.
  • Run nc -lvp PORT on your machine and then run LinPwn on the target machine to get a connection.

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  1. shell – This command Executes /bin/sh
    Example usage: (LinPwn: Shell) > id
    Type exit to return to LinPwn.
  2. readfile – This command will print the contents of a file.
    Example usage: (LinPwn: ReadFile)> /etc/passwd
    Type exit to return to LinPwn.
  3. enumerate – this command runs
    Example usage: (LinPwn) > enumerate
  4. download – This command downloads a file on the target machine
    Example usage: (LinPwn: Download) >
  5. wificredz – This command gathers saved wifipasswords
  6. hashdump – This command gathers system password hashes


I included a file called this is optional run bash to view the build options if you wish to use them.