Operational Security utility and automator. NetSet is designed to automate a number of operations that will help the user with securing their network traffic. It also provides an easy way to gather proxies and run utilities through Tor.

All the utilities installed and used by NetSet will be automatically configured as well. Of course the tool itself isn’t the be all of Operational Security. Rather it is a convenient way of getting yourself set up with the basics. Also you can learn to gather proxies and run utilities.

NetSet facilitates, among other things;

A terminal multiplexer on demand, that has it’s sessions routed through Tor. Secured DNS traffic through automatic installation and configuration of DNSCrypt-proxy. Tor Wall functionality that forces all traffic through the Tor Network. Easy access to online OPSEC resources, the web resources in question can be opened in-script.

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After cloning the repo navigate to the NetSet directory and run the following:

chmod +x *.sh
./netset-main.sh –install #sudo

./netset-main.sh –install

This will install and configure everything you’ll need for NetSet to function properly.


Using sudo to start the script will execute every operation within the script as root, this means you won’t be prompted for your sudo password when an operation requires elevated privileges. However all items written by NetSet will consequently be owned by root as well, including backup directories. Last but not least; when considering security implications, it is not recommended to run everything with super user privileges.

Starting the main script with sudo will be optional from now on to reflect the above considerations.


Please see an option overview below.

CLI Arguments
‘-t’ or ‘–terminal’ Starts
terminal multiplexer with all
connections routed through Tor

‘-s’ or ‘–status’ prints a status
overview of NetSet related network
utilities and their current state.

‘-i’ or ‘–install’ runs a script
designed to install all of NetSet’s
dependencies and configures them

Menu Options

‘Usage’ – Print options overview
‘Status’ – Print Status overview
‘Spoof MAC’ – Spoof MAC Address
‘Random Proxies’ – Scrape random proxies
‘GeoSort Proxies’- Scrape GeoSorted proxies
‘ProtonVPN’ – Start ProtonVPN
‘Tor Terminal’ – Start terminal multi-
plexer, with all sessions
routed through Tor
‘Tor Wall’ – Configures iptables to
force all connections
through Tor.
‘OPSEC Resources’- Display NetSet’s included
list of web resources.
Select an entry to open
it in your default browser