Nutek Security Platform for macOS and Linux operating systems. Tools for hackers, bug hunters and hobbiests. You might like it, you might not. It’s a matter of taste.

What It Does?

This – nutek-apple.rb – script for macOS and Linux operating systems installs all the neccessairly tools for well prepared hacker, bug hunter or a seasoned hobbiest willing to pursue a way of turning things inside out and is not scared to use only command line tools.

Why? Almost all of the fancy GUI (don’t there are some of them) apps started as a command line tool, or are in many ways similar, or even less capable, because in command line – you’re on top, you’re left alone like Alice in Wonderland deep inside your dreams of power, and you know what? You can have this power! Just follow along.


  1. Install Homebrew
/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

2. Clone this repository

git clone

to some safe location on your Apple/PC computer. Make sure you have Ruby installed, and also Homebrew (that’s from where we’ll be fetching apps) – you can get Homebrew from

3. You should already have Ruby installed on your computer, but if you don’t, you can install it with Homebrew:

    brew install ruby

    on Linux, you can install Ruby with your package manager, for example on Ubuntu:

    sudo apt install ruby

    on Fedora:

    sudo dnf install ruby

    4. You’re on start line. Run this command:

    ruby nutek-apple.rb

    or make this happen:

    chmod 744 nutek-apple.rb

    This should present you with help message, and there you will find everything you need, but in case of clarity, I provide the transcript.

    Usage: ruby nutek-apple.rb [options]
    Automated installation of hacking command line programs on macOS - Nutek Security Platform. Requires Homebrew.
    Curated by Nutek Security
    Downloading the latest version from GitHub:
      -h, --help				Show this help message and exit
      -i, --install				Install programs. Choose programs to install with --gui, --cli or --all
      -u, --uninstall			Uninstall programs. Choose programs to uninstall with --gui, --cli or --all
      --license				Show license information
      --all					Install or uninstall all programs
      --cli				Install or uninstall cli set of programs
      --gui				Install or uninstall GUI programs
      --list				List all programs
      --list-cli				List cli set of programs
      --list-gui				List gui programs
      --unattended				Unattended mode. Install selected programs without asking for confirmation (on Linux run with sudo)
      --dry-run				Dry run. Show what would be installed without actually installing anything
      ruby nutek-apple.rb --install --cli
      ruby nutek-apple.rb --install --gui
      ruby nutek-apple.rb --install --all
      ruby nutek-apple.rb --uninstall --gui
      ruby nutek-apple.rb --uninstall --all
      ruby nutek-apple.rb --list
      ruby nutek-apple.rb --list-gui
      ruby nutek-apple.rb --unattended --install --gui
      ruby nutek-apple.rb --unattended --install --all
      ruby nutek-apple.rb --unattended --uninstall --gui
      ruby nutek-apple.rb --unattended --uninstall --all

    What You Will Get?

    podman - docker alternative
    neovim - text editor
    openvpn - vpn client
    irssi - irc client
    dos2unix - convert dos to unix
    ipcalc - ip calculator
    whatmask - ip calculator
    expect - automate interactive applications
    fd - find alternative
    tmux - terminal multiplexer
    lsd - ls alternative
    bat - cat alternative
    ripgrep-all - grep alternative
    sd - sed alternative
    termshark - wireshark alternative
    httpie - curl alternative
    smap - map network
    nmap - network scanner
    p0f - passive os fingerprinting
    masscan - port scanner
    feroxbuster - directory bruteforcer
    ffuf - directory bruteforcer
    nuclei - vulnerability scanner
    mitmproxy - transparent proxy
    httpx - http scanner
    amass - subdomain scanner
    jq - json parser
    htmlq - html parser
    httrack - website copier
    monolith - website copier
    mdcat - markdown reader
    ouch - archive extractor
    exploitdb - exploit database
    asciinema - terminal recorder
    agg - ascii art generator
    hashcat - password cracker
    john-jumbo - password cracker
    mdbook - book generator
    podman-desktop - docker alternative
    imhex - hex editor
    warp - terminal
    alacritty - terminal
    wireshark - network analyzer
    zui - data mangling
    font-hack-nerd-font - font

    Published by Tamil S

    Tamil has a great interest in the fields of Cyber Security, OSINT, and CTF projects. Currently, he is deeply involved in researching and publishing various security tools with Kali Linux Tutorials, which is quite fascinating.

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