Explore the comprehensive world of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) with our curated list of active links from the OSINT Inception project.

This resource guide is designed to assist professionals and enthusiasts in navigating through an extensive array of tools and databases tailored for various investigative needs.

Whether you’re searching for specific insights on cybersecurity, social media intelligence, or international security, these links offer a gateway to the knowledge and tools you need.

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Thank you to @WebBreacher for using and mentionning OSINT Inception foor his project

OSINT Inception Google CSE (Custom Search Engine)

The Google Custom Search Engine specifically crawls the start.me pages listed on project OSINT Inception.

  • Example: You need tools for Telegram, you can type: "Telegram" OR "telegram", this search currently returns over 3 pages of data from all the startme projects listed within OSINT Inception.

OSINT Inception Startme Project CSE


Link NumberBrief Information
1SANS OSINT Summit 2022
2Huge list of resources by NCSO
3 Ultime OSINT Collection bt Hatless1der
4 Large collection by CyberSecStu
5Nixintel’s OSINT Resource List
6Resources of OSINT_Research
7Jake Crep’s Resources
8Belligncat OSINT Landscape
9OSINT China by Pangar-Ban
10Email Investigation ToolKit by Igor Bederov

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