OSRipper : AV Evading OSX Backdoor And Crypter Framework


OSripper is a fully undetectable Backdoor generator and Crypter which specialises in OSX M1 malware. It will also work on windows but for now there is no support for it and it IS NOT FUD for windows (yet at least) and for now i will not focus on windows.

You can also PM me on discord for support or to ask for new features SubGlitch1#2983


  • FUD (for macOS)
  • Cloacks as an official app (Microsoft, ExpressVPN etc)
  • Dumps; Sys info, Browser History, Logins, ssh/aws/azure/gcloud creds, clipboard content, local users etc. (more on Cedric Owens swiftbelt)
  • Encrypted communications
  • Rootkit-like Behaviour
  • Every Backdoor generated is entirely unique
  • ngrok support


Please check the wiki for information on how OSRipper functions (which changes extremely frequently)

Getting Started


You need python. If you do not wish to download python you can download a compiled release. The python dependencies are specified in the requirements.txt file.

Since Version 1.4 you will need metasploit installed and on path so that it can handle the meterpreter listeners.



apt install git python -y
git clone https://github.com/SubGlitch1/OSRipper.git
cd OSRipper
sudo python3 setup.py


git clone https://github.com/SubGlitch1/OSRipper.git
cd OSRipper
sudo python3 setup.py

or download the latest release from https://github.com/SubGlitch1/OSRipper/releases/tag/v0.2.3

Executing program

Only this

sudo python3 main.py


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