7 Reasons Why You Should Use PDF Over Word

Nothing speaks about your professionalism more than using PDF file format while sending out the documents. Besides its’ easy printable visuals and creative features, PDF is superior to other text file formats.

We use Microsoft Word and other MS products every day working in the office or even writing something down at home. For quite a long time, we were depended on DOC or DOCX format. Nowadays, employers, HR managers, educational institutions and other facilities demand all the documents in PDF file format, and there’s a perfectly good explanation to it.

PDF file format is universal

Writing, editing and adding content on MS Word is easy. But its’ structure disrupts with different systems and versions of word. Take for example the older version of MS Word. It will change the way you structured your document in your new version of Word.

Or if you want to send your document to someone who’s using Mac. The document can change the visuals and appear different on another operating system. Whereas PDF format is universal, don’t change the structure, and are viewable on any device.

PDF is a highly secure file format

Every institution demands the documents in PDF format because it’s secure and isn’t easily editable. Word, on the other hand, is easy to edit and easy to make mistakes by pressing a random button.

PDF is easy to create

Yes, creating a Word document is fast and easy too, but PDF gives us much more than just text and later added graphs and pictures. Online and offline tools like Sodapdf editor, native tools like Adobe Acrobat and other, gives us an opportunity to convert photos to PDF, create a new PDF file, merge several documents and even more.

PDF is a mobile-friendly file format

Of course, you can view the Word file on your mobile phone but trust us it’ll be messy. PDF is a universal file format. It doesn’t change the appearance and displays its’ full visuals on every device.

PDF is organized and easy to manage format

Users can easily look for some particular content in the text, without messing it up or deleting something accidentally. You can even create a table of contents on PDF file that allows you to link the pages with the table of content and create an easy-access link.

PDF is password-secured

We already discussed why people want a secure file format like PDF. They have sensitive information. You can use a password protection feature of PDF file format and allow the document to be viewed only by those who have access to the password.

PDF offers document analytics

This feature gives the users a possibility to see who is using the document and who has access to the password. So if an unauthorized individual tries to break in, you can take specific actions.

Here are just a few reasons people prefer using PDF file format to MS Word. Both have their ups and downs, but it really depends on your taste and requirements to choose which one’s the best.