Where to get knowledge and information about the World of Warcraft for beginners

Despite the fact that World of Warcraft has more than 10 years of history of active development, the project still remains difficult for players to master, who are just arriving on the servers of Azeroth.

WoW, of course, has a built-in training system from developers and a phased development with an introduction to the main mechanics, quests, raids, professions and the gradual issuance of equipment and weapons for the initial levels.

But gradually there is less and less help from the game, the experience comes much more slowly and the weapons that are available cease to cause worthwhile damage, in combination with incorrect character development and a bad build, this leads to the player leaving the server at 30–50 levels.

In order to prevent this and not spoil your game in advance, you need to read auxiliary materials and guides in the future, turn to useful services.


Skycoach allows players to approach the main mechanics of online projects more consciously, including World of Warcraft. If you interact with professionals, you can get high-quality training in the game of the selected class, buy the best equipment for each leveling stage due to a large supply of gold, pay for character leveling immediately before the Dragonflight update, and much more.

Delivery of gold

One of the most valuable resources in the World of Warcraft, you can buy literally everything that is on the Azeroth server for gold.

The best option would be to constantly buy and change the main weapon for your class at each conditional interval of 5 levels in order to effectively and quickly kill monsters and complete story and secondary quests and participate in small skirmishes with representatives of the enemy faction.

The supply of gold must be carried out with great care. All transactions for the exchange of gold between characters on a gratuitous basis is a violation of the general rules of the game and can be punished by the game administration with confiscation of gold.

In order to prevent the imposition of game sanctions and blocking of goods, Skycoach provides several types of disguise and anonymity for the buyer and carefully disguises the transaction as a classic exchange between players, which is allowed in World of Warcraft, and then the game administration will not respond to the transaction, since it will not regard it as an incident.

Leveling and training of players

There are two types of services aimed at the development of the game character and the quick and meaningful transition of the player to more interesting content at the high level of the game.

Leveling in terms of benefits is less preferable, since you get a ready-made character of level 60-70, ready to conquer the Dragon Islands, and a professional Skycoach player thus performs routine leveling for you and eliminates the need to complete quests and run around locations. Everything that a professional player will get in the process of completing an order will remain on your account.

Training does the same thing and essentially also prepares your character to conquer new content, but with some important differences:

  1. A professional Skycoach player works with you, who specializes in your class (DD, Tank, Support).
  1. You are explained the basic mechanics and general principles of farming and playing WoW. Knowledge can be applied even when changing a character, or switching to another MMO RPG – skills are universal.
  1. The trainer teaches not only about pumping and the correct selection of quests, ignoring everything superfluous, but also prompts on the main skills and explains why such options are considered.
  1. Basics of PVP – understands the positioning technique for your class, combinations of skills and potions.
  1. Selection of equipment and weapons, the right jewelry, the principles of their extraction with a detailed explanation of the general logic and principles of such an approach and choice.

Blizzard Forum

If we take the most reliable sources of knowledge on games, then the forums play an important role in the benefits for the players.

Their advantage is self-filtering of messages – players evaluate posts according to their level of information and benefit to others. Irrelevant data and simply absurd statements are quickly removed from the forum or marked by other players.

You can create your own post and ask a question of interest. For example, what characteristic to develop the character in the first place – if you are a magician, then mastery will be most useful – it will allow you to use magic skills more efficiently, inflict critical attacks with magic more often and significantly increase the chance of passing negative skills.

The forum can also help with adaptation to the project – many guilds and groups are looking for new members to play on such sites.

They are especially actively looking for support characters – healers, buffers.

This format of the game is suitable for company players who are looking for in the World of Warcraft, first of all, communication, and not just the absorption of the gameplay. If you prefer a single game, then just pick the right class and enjoy the gameplay.


The main feature of the Wowhead level service is a full-fledged attention to every aspect of the World of Warcraft game.

For example, guides are full-fledged guides written by other players who have gone through the process of pumping and character development, participated in PVP, chose skills and talents and went to raids and can now share their experience.

In the guide you will find a description of the quests that you should take for quick pumping, equipment and weapons that you should pay attention to, the accumulation of potions and materials.

Often, several equipment options are selected in the guides, since different equipment will require completely different costs in terms of gold.

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