Rabid : Tool To Decode All Kind Of BigIP Cookies

Rabid is a CLI tool and library allowing to simply decode all kind of BigIP cookies.


  • Support all 4 cookie formats
  • CLI tool & library
  • Hackable

Quick install

$ gem install rabid

Default usage: CLI

$ rabid ‘BIGipServer=1677787402.36895.0000’
Pool name:
Cookie type: IPv4 pool members
Raw cookie: BIGipServer=1677787402.36895.0000
Decoded cookie:

Default usage: library

require ‘bigipcookie’
#IPv4 pool members, with pool name
bip = BigIPCookie::Decode.new(‘BIGipServer=1677787402.36895.0000’)
#Automatically decode
#Print result
puts “Cookie: #{bip.decoded_cookie}”

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Install from rubygems.org

$ gem install rabid

Gem: rabid

Install from BlackArch

From the repository:

#pacman -S rabid

From git:

#blackman -i rabid


Install from ArchLinux


$ git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/rabid.git
$ cd rabid
$ makepkg -sic

With an AUR helper (Pacman wrappers), eg. pikaur:

$ pikaur -S rabid

AUR: rabid


It’s better to use rbenv to have latests version of ruby and to avoid trashing your system ruby.

Install from rubygems.org

$ gem install –development rabid

Build from git

Just replace x.x.x with the gem version you see after gem build.

$ git clone https://github.com/Orange-Cyberdefense/rabid.git rabid
$ cd rabid
$ gem install bundler
$ bundler install
$ gem build bigipcookie.gemspec
$ gem install rabid-x.x.x.gem

Note: if an automatic install is needed you can get the version with $ gem build bigipcookie.gemspec | grep Version | cut -d’ ‘ -f4.
Run the library in irb without installing the gem

From local file:

$ irb -Ilib -rbigipcookie

From the installed gem:

$ rabid_console

Same for the CLI tool:

$ ruby -Ilib -rbigipcookie bin/rabid

Credit: Alexandre ZANNI (@noraj)