Trojan written in python. Raeo will send the grabbed information via discord webhook.

“Raeo” is a Trojan malware developed in Python, designed to infiltrate systems and exfiltrate sensitive user data through Discord webhooks.

With capabilities to collect everything from Discord tokens and personal information to webcam photos and desktop screenshots, Raeo represents a significant security threat.

This article explores Raeo’s features, installation process, and the risks associated with such malicious software.


  • Discord token info
    • Token
    • User information
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Guilds
    • Friends
  • Webcam
    • Webcam photo
  • System info
    • User
    • System
    • Network
    • Desktop screenshot


  1. Install Python 3.9 or above
  2. Edit the (components/ and fill it with your infos
  3. Open the CMD and type
    py -3
  4. Check out the dist folder

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