Raptor WAF : Web Application Firewall Using DFA Beta

Raptor is a Web application firewall made in C, uses DFA to block SQL injection, Cross site scripting and path traversal.

To Run

$ git clone https://github.com/CoolerVoid/raptor_waf
$ cd raptor_waf; make; bin/raptor

Note: Don’t execute with “cd bin; ./raptor” use full path “bin/raptor” look detail https://github.com/CoolerVoid/raptor_waf/issues/4

Need lib pcre to compile.

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Up some HTTPd server at port 80 redirect with its port 8883

$ bin/Raptor -h localhost -p 80 -r 8883 -w 4 -o loglog.txt

Copy vulnerable PHP code to your web server directory

$ cp doc/test_dfa/test.php /var/www/html

Now you can test xss attacks at http://localhost:8883/test.php

Other option to run(now with regex, look file config/regex_rules.txt to edit rules):

$ bin/Raptor -h -p 80 -r 8883 -w 0 -o resultwaf -m pcre