Reasons to Rebrand Your Business

Rebranding your business could be the best or the worst decision a company could make. There have been instances where high-end companies have damaged their reputation due to bad rebranding, while for some it has worked wonders. To rebrand you need to spend time and energy into obtaining a buy-in first and then garnering information and resources on how you can go about it.

Most companies rebrand when they feel that their logo is old and outdated or their name is too convoluted for a global scale. Whatever the reason behind, rebranding must be done keeping its implications in mind. Take a look to find out more about why companies rebrand their business and what you can learn from it.


If your brand is not able to attract an audience on a global scale despite your product being the best, your logo or name could be the reason. Your logo and the way your packaging looks affect the consumer’s purchasing decision. When people try a product for the first time they look at how it looks and sounds. If the brand looks cheap or conventional and if the name sounds incomprehensible, they are discouraged to buy it.

For example, Smith’s changed its name to Lay’s so that people from parts where English is not a common language can pronounce it too!

Old and Outdated Looks

Brands such as Pepsi and Shell have changed the way their logo and font look almost 8 times by now and every time has worked in their favor. As the years pass by trends change and luxury quotients keep fluctuating. Your brand needs to keep up with the current culture and look updated. If your logo is still a generation behind then millennials, the biggest consumers of today will be reluctant to buy your products.

You can take the help of graphic designers to come up with creative and classy logos for your brand. Websites such as will help you find email addresses of professionals who can further help you to achieve your goals.

Identity Crises

When you start a business the first thing to keep in mind regarding branding is to choose a color palette and be consistent with it. If you keep changing the primary colors of your brand, then the consumers will be confused while buying your product and it will reflect indecisiveness about your brand, which is never a good sign. You need to maintain your identity and stick to it.

When you are designing your logo, it should look modern and reflect the kind of brand you are. Make sure that the font is catchy but not flashy, and the colors are not too cramped up or bright.


Rebranding is a big decision and it is important to keep your audience in mind while doing it. If your company stands for luxury and class, your logo should use a subtle color palette with simple fonts. If you are promoting happiness, bright colors will do the trick. Essentially it boils down to what your logo and name project as soon as a consumer sees it.