Recsech – Tool For Doing Footprinting & Reconnaissance On The Target Web

Recsech is a tool for doing  Footprinting and Reconnaissance on the target web. It collects information such as DNS Information, Sub Domains, HoneySpot Detected, Subdomain takeovers, Reconnaissance On Github and much more you can

  Features In Tools

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Requirements For Using This Tool

We need several requirements to use this tool to run smoothly.

  • Linux
    • PHP 7.X PHP CURL
  • Windows
    • PHP CURL


You can download the latest tarball by clicking here or latest zipball by clicking here.

Preferably, you can download sqlmap by cloning the Git repository:

git clone –depth 1 Recsech

How to install to Windows CLI :

  • Extract all files in C: \Windows
  • Edit Files Recsech.bat , then set your PHP patch (if you have installed xampp on your C drive you don’t need to do this step)

@echo off
set PATH=%PATH%;C:\xampp\php
title Recsech – Recon and Research
php “C:\Windows\Recsech.php” %1

  • Open cmd and do the Recsech command.


Enough to execute the command :

php Recsech.php

or if it doesn’t work, use the command :

php Recsech.php debug


This is an open source for everyone, you may redistribute, modify, use patents and use privately without any obligation to redistribute. but it should be noted to include the source code of the library that was modified (not the source code of the entire program), include the license, include the original copyright of the author (radenvodka), and include any changes made (if modified). Users do not have the right to sue the creator when there is damage to the software or even demand if there is a problem caused by the makers of this tool. because every risk is caused by the user risk itself.