RedHunt OS : Virtual Machine for Adversary Emulation & Threat Hunting

Virtual Machine for Adversary Emulation and Threat Hunting by RedHunt Labs. RedHunt OS aims to be a one stop shop for all your threat emulation and threat hunting needs by integrating attacker’s arsenal as well as defender’s toolkit to actively identify the threats in your environment.

Tool Setup

Attack Emulation:

Threat HUNTing:

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT):

Threat Intelligence:


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VM Download Link:


  • System Updates
  • Tool Updates
  • New Categories added: Reporting
  • Outdated tools removed
  • Base OS Updated to 18.04


  • Download the latest OVA file from
  • Import the OVA in VirtualBox.
  • Login using the credentials hunter:hunter.
  • Update the distribution ‘sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade’.
  • Configure/Use the tools.

VM Credentials: Username: hunter Password: hunter

Caldera Credentials: Username: admin Password: caldera


Version 1

  • MD5: f8d433140f7e2b370b81c8b6ed3c951f
  • SHA1: 66b6a9bdbd2c6f029de9d17a2e086166a1ab7fd3

Sneak Peek