Seeker is simple, just like we host phishing pages to get credentials why not host a fake page that requests your location like many popular location based websites.

It Hosts a fake website on In Built PHP Server and uses Serveo to generate a link which we will forward to the target, website asks for Location Permission and if the target allows it, we can get :

  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Accuracy
  • Altitude – Not always available
  • Direction – Only available if user is moving
  • Speed – Only available if user is moving

Along with Location Information we also get Device Information without any permissions :

  • Operating System
  • Platform
  • Number of CPU Cores
  • Amount of RAM – Approximate Results
  • Screen Resolution
  • GPU information
  • Browser Name and Version
  • Public IP Address
  • IP Address Reconnaissance

This tool is a Proof of Concept and is for Educational Purposes Only, it shows what data a malicious website can gather about you and your devices and why you should not click on random links and allow critical permissions such as Location etc.

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How is this Different from IP GeoLocation?

  • Other tools and services offer IP Geolocation which is NOT accurate at all and does not give location of the target instead it is the approximate location of the ISP.
  • It uses HTML API and gets Location Permission and then grabs Longitude and Latitude using GPS Hardware which is present in the device, so it works best with Smartphones, if the GPS Hardware is not present, such as on a Laptop, it fallbacks to IP Geolocation or it will look for Cached Coordinates.
  • Generally if a user accepts location permsission, Accuracy of the information recieved is accurate to approximately 30 meters, Accuracy Depends on the Device.

Note : On iPhone due to some reason location accuracy is approximately 65 meters.

Tested On :

  • Kali Linux 2019.2
  • BlackArch Linux
  • Ubuntu 19.04
  • Kali Nethunter
  • Termux
  • Parrot OS


Kali Linux / Ubuntu / Parrot OS

git clone
cd seeker/
chmod 777

BlackArch Linux

pacman -S seeker


# Install docker
curl -fsSL -o sh

# Build Seeker
cd seeker/ docker build -t seeker .

# Launch seeker
docker run -t –rm seeker

# OR Pull from DockerHub
docker pull thewhiteh4t/seeker
docker run -t seeker


git clone
cd seeker/
chmod 777


python3 -h

usage: [-h] [-s SUBDOMAIN]

optional arguments:
-h, –help show this help message and exit
-s SUBDOMAIN, –subdomain Subdomain Provide Subdomain for Serveo URL ( Optional )
-k KML, –kml KML Provide KML Filename ( Optional )
-t TUNNEL, –tunnel TUNNEL Specify Tunnel Mode [manual]





>> In First Terminal Start seeker in Manual mode like this
python3 -t manual

>>In Second Terminal Start Ngrok or any other tunnel service on port 8080
./ngrok http 8080

python3 –subdomain google
python3 –tunnel manual –subdomain zomato

Known Problems

  • Services like Serveo and Ngrok are banned in some countries such as Russia etc., so if it’s banned in your country you may not get a URL, if not then first READ CLOSED ISSUES, if your problem is not listed, create a new issue.