SharpCovertTube is a program created to control Windows systems remotely by uploading videos to Youtube.

The program monitors a Youtube channel until a video is uploaded, decodes the QR code from the thumbnail of the uploaded video and executes a command.

The QR codes in the videos can use cleartext or AES-encrypted values.

It has two versions, binary and service binary, and it includes a Python script to generate the malicious videos. Its purpose is to serve as a persistence method using only web requests to the Google API.


Run the listener in your Windows system:

It will check the Youtube channel every a specific amount of time (10 minutes by default) until a new video is uploaded. In this case, we upload “whoami.avi” from the folder example-videos:

After finding there is a new video in the channel, it decodes the QR code from the video thumbnail, executes the command and the response is base64-encoded and exfiltrated using DNS:

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