Simple Business Plan for Internet Café

Simple Business Plan for Internet Café

A cyber cafe or internet cafe has been a favorite destination for millions of people for over 30 years. The cyber ​​cafe attracts with constant high-speed Internet, the latest video games, and high-tech computers. Due to the growing demand for video games, the popularity of e-sports, and remote forms of earning money, cyber cafes do not lose but only increase their popularity every year.

The Main Business Plan Aspects

Before starting an Internet cafe business, you should draw up a business plan. Here are the main aspects to include:

  •  Concise and catchy company name
  •  Brief description of the business’s activities
  •  Official legal registration of the enterprise
  •  Determining the target audience
  •  List of compulsory costs (rent of premises, furniture, equipment, utility bills, employee salaries, insurance, licensed software and games)
  •  Assessment of the market and competitors
  •  Long and short-term development plans

Pros and Cons

To objectively assess the profitability of a cyber cafe business, it is important to consider a list of positive and negative arguments.


  •  Round-the-clock work. The peculiarity of cyber cafes is their round-the-clock operation. Many people come to the internet cafe after work and sit there all night. To independently control the progress of the business, you will also need to track the flow of customers, profits, and possible difficulties 24/7 during the first months. Internet café management software can make your work easier. Cyber café software will help to monitor the state of your business remotely in real-time.
  •  Regular updating of computers. High-tech computers and the latest versions of games are some of the main advantages of cyber cafes. However, some parts of the computer quickly become outdated, and it is necessary to purchase a new processor, video card, and increase the amount of RAM every 2-4 years.


  •  Small start-up capital. Depending on the location and area of ​​the premises, an average cyber cafe for 10-15 computers can cost from $15,000.
  •  Little competition. The gaming and eSports market is just evolving. Accordingly, this niche is still free among businessmen. It will be easy to start and grow a cyber business due to low competition.
  •  A variety of formats. It is important to highlight the main focus of your cafe: high-speed Internet, high-tech equipment, consoles, etc. There are many Internet café business ideas to further increase your company’s bottom line: sell drinks and snacks, print and scan documents, host eSports tournaments, and stream football matches.