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If we compare the number of users on the internet today vs a decade back, we will notice a major change in the numbers. Even as you read this, thousands of people are using the internet as a source to give or extract information. Your business needs a huge platform to be successful. Hence, in the modern world, it has become crucial to have your trade or service on the internet. In addition to this, you can engage with people, not only with the ones visiting your physical store, rather with people from all over the world. This takes your business to heights you would never have imagined.

The world wide web, being the largest platform for people to engage and exchange information, has grown rapidly. More and more people are bringing their businesses on the internet. Do you think developing a corporate on the internet is as easy as it seems to be? Absolutely not.Along with the benefits and success, comes a huge responsibility – “trust of the customer”. The hackers are becoming smarter and the threat to data leakage has increased.

Hacking of systems and information leakageshave become more common than any other threat. Taking a sneakinto the past, many huge companies had to face some undesirable situations mostly because they were not safe. The trust of the clients has to be “earned”to become a leading and reliable brand. Having said that, how do you create a safe space for customers on your website?

There are multiple well-known ways to increase the security of your site. The most trusted and easiest way is to buy an SSL certificate.

SSL and SSL certificates

SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a secure communication protocol that is used to protect the data being transferred from getting into the wrong hands. Such thefts usually take place via MITM (man in the middle) attacks. SSL keeps your information safe from these attacks. It encrypts the data and ensures that the person listening on the channel is not able to make sense of the information being transmitted – hence, securing your web traffic.

Now moving our attention towards SSL certificates. SSL certificates act as a shield for your clients against the hackers and malware that may steal their data during the information transmission. As we have seen above, to become successful on the internet, the most important factor is ‘trust’. If your website does not provide a safe environment for your customers, it is unlikely that they would make purchases or revisit your site. This is the root problem that an SSL certificate helps you solve. Having an SSL certificate lays a foundation of trust between you- the owner and the end-user.

These certificates are issued by trusted third parties called certificate authorities (CA). These authorities ensure that a secure and encoded network is created between the communicating parties. By encrypting the data, they make sure that no malware or hacker steals your personal information while it is being transferred.

There are various types of SSL certificates out there to buy from.

Do you own a website that has multiple sub-domains? You can either consider buying multiple certificates for all your subdomains or can buy a single multi domain SSL certificate. It is advisable to buy a single multi domain certificate.

Not sure why? Here are a bunch of reasons:

1.      Saves time

Imagine having to keep a check on all your website SSL certificates. In between the hectic schedules we have nowadays, it is quitetime consuming to have to buy new ones each time you create a different sub-domain. Multi domain SSL certificates solve this problem for you. Having just one root certificate linked to all your domains makes your job a whole lot easier.

2.      Helps in management

Are you an owner of a huge online business and are planning to buy an SSL certificate? Well, huge businesses require several sub-domains and having multiple single-domain SSL certificates can prove to be a wrong choice. Having many certificates might requirehiring of “expensive” man force to help you out with problems such as installations, maintenance, renewals, troubleshooting, etc. Hence, it will be a smart decision to get a multi domain SSL certificate.

3.      Saves money

If you have a huge business, buying multi single-domain certificates for all the sub-domains will result in a huge loss of money for you. You can simply buy a single multi domain SSL certificate.

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In addition to these, you can also buy DV, OV, or EV SSL certificates. Not sure what they are? Well, the SSL certificates can also be divided based on the level of verification required.

DV or Domain validation certificates are a good option for sites that are not involved in selling products unlike blogs and small businesses. These certificates are known to have the leaststrict level of validation. When these certificates are granted to a website, a padlock is shown on the address window of the site.

OV or organization validation certificates are commonly used for MSME scale certificates – for document signing, client authentication, and code signing. These kinds of certificates have a modest level of validation and involve a manual examining process. When these certificates are issued, a certificate is shown with the relevant details of the website.

EV or extended validation certificates are usually bought by companies that handle sensitive customer data such as credit card numbers and passwords. For instance, e-commerce stores and banks. These certificates are known to have the strictest level of validation. The browser URL turning green, is an indication that an EV SSL certificate has been issued to that particular site.


Now you must be familiar with the importance of multidomain SSL certificates. In addition to selecting the type of SSL certificate you need; you must also make sure that the Certificate authority is a trusted and reliable one. Buy SSL certificate from a customer-friendly and leading authority in SSL certificates such as SSL2BUY.

The SSL certificates have now become a necessity rather than a choice. Save your hard-earned money and get a multidomain certificate from SSL2BUY – and get the best if both worlds, less maintenance cost, and coverage for all your domains.