SMWYG (Show-Me-What-You-Got) : Tool To Perform OSINT & Reconnaissance On An Organization or an Individual

SMWYG tool allows you to perform OSINT and reconnaissance on an organisation or an individual. It allows one to search 1.4 Billion clear text credentials which was dumped as part of BreachCompilation leak. This database makes finding passwords faster and easier than ever before.

SMWYG Requirements

Make sure you have installed the following:

- Python 3.0 or later.
- pip3 (sudo apt-get install python3-pip)

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git clone
cd SMWYG-Show-Me-What-You-Got
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

How do I use this?

  • Press 1: This will allow one to search credentials based on domain name.
  • Press 2: This will allow one to search credentials for a specific email address.
  • Press 3: To exit from the program.

Tips to stay secure

  • Change your passwords every few months
  • Use different passwords for different accounts
  • Use password manager to generate random passwords
  • Start using multi factor authentication


Above image search the credentials for and have found 203 accounts.