Social Analyzer – API, CLI, and Web App for analyzing & finding a person’s profile across +1000 social media \ websites.

It includes different analysis and detection modules, and you can choose which modules to use during the investigation process.

The detection modules utilize a rating mechanism based on different detection techniques, which produces a rate value that starts from 0 to 100 (No-Maybe-Yes).

This module is intended to have fewer false positives.

The analysis and public extracted information from this OSINT tool could help investigate profiles related to suspicious or malicious activities such as cyberbullying, cyber grooming, cyberstalking, and spreading misinformation.

This project is currently used by some law enforcement agencies in countries where resources are limited - The detection database is different than the one shared here..

So·cial Me·di·a

Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking – Oxford Dictionary



  • String & name analysis (Permutations and Combinations)
  • Find a profile using multiple techniques (HTTPS library & Webdriver)
  • Multi profile search (Used for correlation – any combination separated with “,” )
  • Multilayers detections (OCR, normal, advanced & special)
  • Visualized profile information using Ixora (Metadata & Patterns)
  • Metadata & Patterns extraction (Added from Qeeqbox OSINT project)
  • Force-directed Graph for Metadata (Needs ExtractPatterns)
  • Search by top ranking or by country (Alexa Ranking)
  • Search by type (adult, music, etc.. – automated websites stats)
  • Profiles stats and static info (Category country)
  • Cross Metadata stats (Added from Qeeqbox OSINT project)
  • Auto-flirtation to unnecessary output (Enable javascript etc..)
  • Search engine lookup (Google API – optional)
  • Custom search queries (Google API & DuckDuckGo API – optional)
  • Profile screenshot, title, info, and website description
  • Find name origins, name similarity & common words by language
  • Find possible profile\person age (Limited analysis)
  • Custom user-agent, proxy, timeout & implicit wait
  • Python CLI & NodeJS CLI (limited to FindUserProfilesFast option)
  • Screenshots of detected profile (The latest version of Chrome must be installed)
  • Grid option for faster checking (limited to docker-compose)
  • Dump logs to folder or terminal (prettified)
  • Adjust finding\getting profile workers (default 15)
  • Re-checking option for failed profiles
  • Filter profiles by good, maybe, and bad
  • Save the analysis as a JSON file
  • Simplified web interface and CLI
  • And, more!!

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