Spray : Password Spraying Tool For Active Directory Credentials

Spray is a Password Spraying tool for Active Directory Credentials by Jacob Wilkin(Greenwolf). These instructions will show you the requirements for and how to use it.


All requirements come preinstalled on Kali Linux, to run on other flavors or Mac just make sure curl(owa & lync) and rpcclient(smb) are installed using apt-get or brew.


Using Spray

This script will password spray a target over a period of time It requires password policy as input so accounts are not locked out

Accompanying this script are a series of hand crafted password files for multiple languages. These have been crafted from the most common active directory passwords in various languages and all fit in the complex (1 Upper, 1 lower, 1 digit) catagory.

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To password spray a SMB Portal, a userlist, password list, attempts per lockout period, lockout period length and the domain must be provided.

Usage: -smb <targetIP><usernameList><passwordList><AttemptsPerLockoutPeriod><LockoutPeriodInMinutes><DOMAIN>
Example: -smb users.txt passwords.txt 1 35 SPIDERLABS
Optionally Skip Username%Username Spray: -smb users.txt passwords.txt 1 35 SPIDERLABS skipuu


To password spray an OWA portal, a file must be created of the POST request with the Username:, and Password: spraypassword

Usage: -owa <targetIP><usernameList><passwordList><AttemptsPerLockoutPeriod><LockoutPeriodInMinutes><RequestsFile>
Example: -owa users.txt passwords.txt 1 35 post-request.txt


To password spray a lync service, a lync autodiscover url or a url that returns the www-authenticate header must be provided along with a list of email addresses;

Usage: -lync <targetIP><usernameList><passwordList><AttemptsPerLockoutPeriod><LockoutPeriodInMinutes>
Example: -lync users.txt passwords.txt 1 35
Example: -lync users.txt passwords.txt 1 35


To password spray a CISCO Web VPN service, a target portal or server hosting a portal must be provided

Usage: -cisco <targetURL><usernameList><passwordList><AttemptsPerLockoutPeriod><LockoutPeriodInMinutes>
Example: -ciso usernames.txt passwords.txt 1 35

Password List Update

It is also possible to update the supplied 2016/2017 password list to the current year

Usage: -passupdate <passwordList>
Example: -passupdate passwords.txt

An optional company name can also be provided to add to the list

Usage: -passupdate <passwordList><CompanyName>
Example: -passupdate passwords.txt Spiderlabs

Username Generation

A username list can also be generated from a list of common names

Usage: -genusers <firstnames> <lastnames> “<<fi><li><fn><ln>>”
Example: -genusers english-first-1000.txt english-last-1000.txt”<fi><ln>”
Example: -genusers english-first-1000.txt english-last-1000.txt “<fn>.<ln>”

Credit : Jacob WilkinResearch and DevelopmentTrustwave SpiderLabs