SQL injection is a standout amongst the most widely recognized attacks against web applications. Here is the list of Best SQL Injection Tools 2019.

Its attacks comprise of insertion or “injection” of a SQL query by means of the information from the customer to the application.

An effective SQL injections endeavor can read delicate information from the database, alter database information (Insert/Update/Delete), execute organization tasks on the database, (for example, shut down the DBMS), recoup the substance of a given document display on the DBMS record framework and now and again issue commands to the working operating system.

A fruitful SQL injections assault can read delicate server information like passwords, email, username, and so forth. SQL injection can be exceptionally destructive.

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SQL Injection Tools – 2019

This is a rundown of the SQL Injection Tool and most mainstream injection tools:

  1. SQLMap – Automatic SQL Injection And Database Takeover Tool
  2. jSQL Injection – Java Tool For Automatic SQL Database Injection
  3. BBQSQL – A Blind SQL-Injection Exploitation Tool
  4. NoSQLMap – Automated NoSQL Database Pwnage
  5. Whitewidow – SQL Vulnerability Scanner
  6. DSSS – Damn Small SQLi Scanner
  7. explo – Human And Machine Readable Web Vulnerability Testing Format
  8. Blind-Sql-Bitshifting – Blind SQL-Injection via Bitshifting
  9. Leviathan – Wide Range Mass Audit Toolkit
  10. Blisqy – Exploit Time-based blind-SQL-injection in HTTP-Headers (MySQL/MariaDB)