SQLFluff : A SQL Linter And Auto-Formatter For Humans

SQLFluff is a dialect-flexible and configurable SQL linter. Designed with ELT applications in mind, SQLFluff also works with jinja templating and dbt. SQLFluff will auto-fix most linting errors, allowing you to focus your time on what matters.

Getting Started

To get started, install the package and run sqlfluff lint or sqlfluff fix.

$ pip install sqlfluff
$ echo ” SELECT a + b FROM tbl; ” > test.sql
$ sqlfluff lint test.sql
== [test.sql] FAIL
L: 1 | P: 1 | L003 | Single indentation uses a number of spaces not a multiple of 4
L: 1 | P: 14 | L006 | Operators should be surrounded by a single space unless at the start/end of a line
L: 1 | P: 27 | L001 | Unnecessary trailing whitespace

You can also have a play using SQLFluff online.

For full CLI usage and rules reference, see the docs.


For full documentation visit docs.sqlfluff.com.


SQLFluff is in beta phase – expect the tool to change significantly with potentially non-backward compatible api and configuration changes in future releases. If you’d like to join in please consider contributing.

New releases are made monthly. For more information, visit Releases.

SQLFluff on Slack

We have a fast-growing community on Slack, come and join us!