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Must Need

XSpear : Powerfull XSS Scanning & Parameter Analysis

XSpear : Powerfull XSS Scanning & Parameter Analysis

XSpear is XSS Scanner on ruby gems. Key Features Pattern matching based XSS scanningDetect...

Linset : Hack WPA WPA2 Using This Tool

Linset Is Not a Social Engineering Tool. Most importantly, remarked this is a task for instructive purposes that have served to me to be...

IDArling : Collaborative Reverse Engineering Plugin for IDA Pro & Hex-Ray

IDArling is a collaborative reverse engineering plugin for IDA Pro and Hex-Rays. It allows to synchronize in real-time the changes made to a database...
Box.JS : A Tool For Studying JavaScript Malware

Box.JS : A Tool For Studying JavaScript Malware

box.js is a utility to analyze malicious JavaScript. Installation Simply install box-js from npm:
Metasploit Framework

Metasploit Framework Part 2 – msfconsole & Exploiting Vulnerable Linux System

Msfconsole provides a handy all-in-one interface to almost every option and setting available in the Framework; it’s like a one-stop shop for all of...

GodOfWar : Malicious Java WAR Builder With Built-In Payloads

GodOfWar is a command-line tool to generate war payloads for penetration testing / red teaming purposes, written in ruby.

hideNsneak – A CLI For Ephemeral Penetration Testing

hideNsneak application assists in managing attack infrastructure for penetration testers by providing an interface to rapidly deploy, manage, and take down various cloud services....