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Must Need


Vuls : Vulnerability Scanner for Linux/FreeBSD, Agentless, Written in Go

Vuls is a vulnerability scanner for Linux/FreeBSD, agentless, written in golang.

Metateta – Automated Tool For Scanning And Exploiting Network Protocols

Metateta is an automated tool for scanning and exploiting network protocols using metasploit and for faster pen testing for large networks. Network protocols are...
MIG : Distributed & Real Time Digital Forensics At The Speed Of The Cloud

MIG : Distributed & Real Time Digital Forensics At The Speed...

MIG is Mozilla's platform for investigative surgery of remote endpoints. You can spin up a local-only MIG setup using docker.

SilkETW : Tool To Abstract Away The Complexities Of ETW

SilkETW is a flexible C# wrapper for ETW, it is meant to abstract away the complexities of ETW and give people...

SALT – SLUB ALlocator Tracer for the Linux Kernel

Welcome to salt, a tool to reverse and learn kernel heap memory management. It can be useful to develop an exploit, to debug...

Pepe : Collect Information About Email Addresses From Pastebin

Pepe is a tool to collect information about email addresses from Pastebin. Script parses Pastebin email:password dumps and gather information about each...

IDB – Tool To Simplify Some Common Tasks For iOS Pentesting...

IDB is a tool to simplify some common tasks for iOS pentesting and research. Originally there was a command line version of the tool,...

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