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Hassh : Tool Used To Identify Specific Client & Server SSH...

HASSH is a network fingerprinting standard which can be used to identify specific Client and Server SSH implementations. The fingerprints can be easily stored,...

HUNT – Burp Suite Pro/Free and OWASP ZAP Extensions

HUNT Suite is a collection of Burp Suite Pro/Free and OWASP ZAP extensions. Identifies common parameters vulnerable to certain vulnerability classes (Burp Suite Pro...

SQLiScanner – Automatic SQL Injection With Charles & SQLmap API

SQLiScanner is a automatic SQL injectiont tool with Charles and sqlmap api with support on Linux and osx. Following are the dependencies...
IOX : Tool For Port Forward & Intranet Proxy

IOX : Tool For Port Forward & Intranet Proxy

IOX is a tool for port forward & intranet proxy, just like lcx/ew, but better. Why Write?

MobSF – Mobile Security Framework Is An Automated All-In-One Mobile Application

Mobile Security Framework or MobSF is an automated, all-in-one mobile application (Android/iOS/Windows) pen-testing framework capable of performing static, dynamic and malware analysis. It can...
SQL Injection Tools

List of Best Open Source SQL Injection Tools – 2019

SQL injection is a standout amongst the most widely recognized attacks against web applications. Here is the list of Best SQL Injection Tools 2019. Its...

Atlas – Quick SQLMap Tamper Suggester

Atlas is an open source tool that can suggest sqlmap tampers to bypass WAF/IDS/IPS, the tool is based on returned status code. Atlas Installation $ git...