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Exploit CVE-2017-6079 – Blind Command Injection In Edgewater Edgemarc Devices Exploit

This exploit was developed based on the technical description by depthsecurity The HTTP web-management application on Edgewater Networks Edgemarc appliances has a hidden page that...
dnsniff macof


MAC Flooding with MACOF & some major countermeasures Macof is a member of the Dsniff suit toolset and mainly used to flood the switch on...

Singularity – A DNS Rebinding Attack Framework

Singularity of Origin is a tool to perform DNS rebinding attacks. It includes the necessary components to rebind the IP address of the attack...
RustBuster : DirBuster for Rust

RustBuster : DirBuster for Rust

RustBuster is a tool to dirbuster for rust and following are the 4 modes(Dir mode, Dns mode, Vhost mode, Fuzz mode) that...
LdapDomainDump : Active Directory Information Dumper via LDAP

LdapDomainDump : Active Directory Information Dumper via LDAP

LDAPDomainDump is an Active Directory information dumper via LDAP. In an Active Directory domain, a lot of interesting information can be retrieved...
Remot 3d

Remot3d – A Simple Tool Created For Large Pentesters

Remot 3d is a simple tool created for large pentesters as well as just for the pleasure of defacers to exploit a...

Best SEO training course for beginners by moz in 2019

As the years are passing, businesses under different niches have reached millions of people for various reasons. Also, most of them are...