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Social10x Review

Being Instagram famous takes more than just posting a few images on Instagram and taking the credit - you have to do more. It involves...

Janusec – Golang Based Application Security Solution Which Provides WAF

Janusec Application Gateway, an application security solutions which provides WAF (Web Application Firewall), unified web administration portal, private key protection, web routing and scalable...

ARDT : Akamai Reflective DDoS Tool

Attack the origin host behind the Akamai Edge hosts and bypass the DDoS protection offered by Akamai services.
Slurp : Evaluate The Security Of S3 Buckets

Slurp : Evaluate The Security Of S3 Buckets

Slurp is a Blackbox/whitebox S3 bucket enumerator. Overview Credit to all the vendor packages...

imR0T – Encryption to Your Whatsapp Contact

imR0T : Send a quick message with simple text encryption to your whatsapp contact and , basically in ROT13 with new multi encryption based...
WDExtract : Extract Windows Defender database

WDExtract : Extract Windows Defender database

WDExtract is the extract Windows Defender database from vdm files and unpack it. This program distributed as-is, without any...

Wreckuests – Tool To Run DDoS Attacks With HTTP-Flood

Wreckuests is a script, which enables you to run DDoS attacks with HTTP-flood. It's composed in unadulterated Python and utilization proxy servers as bots....

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